Countries In Asia With The Best Food

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If you love food and you love travel, here are the countries you need to visit in Asia. Indeed, these are the countries in Asia with the best food. Not only are they jam-packed with exceptional cuisine that boasts a plethora of spices and textures, but there’s so much history and architecture there too.

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Countries In Asia With The Best Food

1. India

First on our list, it’s no secret that you can find curries and street food galore in India. in fact, each region has something different to offer, so it’s worth trying to sample a broad range if you can. If you’re one for the spice, make sure you travel to South India. where the chillies flow generously, along with the taste of tamarind and other spices. Also, fish and lentils are popular ingredients here.

If you wish, you could travel to the west of India to enjoy authentic vindaloo and the other delights of Goan cuisine. And then visit Rajasthan in the northwest, where you can try the signature thali dish. You’ll see how rice, lentils, vegetables, yoghurt, chapati and sweets can all be served in one dish to comprise a satisfying meal.

2. Vietnam

Next on our best types of Asian food list is Vietnam. If you take a trip around Vietnam, you won’t be disappointed by the sights and food you’ll find. Saunter along the tree-lined boulevards of Hanoi and try out the famous phở noodle soup. This rich beef (or tofu) broth features rice noodles, star anise, cloves and various other toppings of your choice.

Fresh spring rolls (or summer rolls) are another popular Vietnamese food you must try. Made from rice paper, this appetiser is filled with fresh herby salad ingredients, potentially some pork or shrimp and served up with a tasty dip.

Asian food types

3. Japan

In Japan, try the famous Kaiseki dining style (originating in Kyoto but available elsewhere). It consists of appetizers, a soup course, seasonal courses, cooked dishes, a rice course finished off with a dessert and some tea. You can treat yourself to Kaiseki at many restaurants and ryokans (traditional inns) in Japan.

Interested in trying a diverse range of Japanese foods? If you love sushi, Tokyo is something of a sushi hub. You can find it pretty much everywhere in this city, and it’s usually done to a very high standard. It’s also home to a type of street food known as monjayaki, a runny pancake filled with meat, fish and cabbage. There’s even an official Monjayaki Street in the city’s Tsukishima neighbourhood.

4. Singapore

Finally, Singapore is a small country with some large flavours! If you travel here, it’s worth visiting one of the hawker centres, an open-air eating place with stalls that sell tasty food for affordable prices. Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakan dishes are all yours to try here. As for Indian food, the Tamil and Malayalee populations are particularly well-represented in Singapore. So spicy South Indian dishes are in abundant supply. You’ll be amazed at the sheer choice of cuisines you can try in Singapore!

Undoubtedly, there are few experiences better than exploring a new Asian country and trying a mouth-watering, authentic dish while taking in the unfamiliar sights and sounds

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