Combi Boilers – Are They The Best Option?

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Is it Possible to Convert to a Combi Boiler in the UK?

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Why are Combi Boilers The Best Option?

Home Combi Boiler

In the world of boilers and heating systems, the shift towards combi boilers has captured the attention of UK homeowners, as their popularity has spiked massively in recent years. 

But what exactly do these boilers offer, and can you make the transition? Let’s explore the world of combi boilers, their benefits, and what makes them so popular.

When Should You Get a New Boiler?

The concept of a ‘new boiler’ has gone beyond just their main purpose; it’s now aligned with cutting down overall energy usage, cutting costs, and giving an overall boost to comfort within homes. 

This shift has been activated by the coming up of combi boilers, completely changing  heating solutions in the UK.

Going From Gas Boilers To Combi Systems


Traditionally, conventional gas boilers were the go-to choice for heating and hot water in many UK homes. However, their space-consuming nature and certain other factors paved the way for combi boilers. 

These systems combine heating and hot water supply into a single unit,  giving homeowners hot water on demand, changing the heating landscape of home heating.

Advantages Of Changing To A Combi Boiler


The attraction of a new boiler installation in the form of a combi system lies in its incredible efficiency, combi boilers are usually 90-94% efficient, having a warmer home with less energy usage. 

By getting rid of the need for a separate hot water tank, combi boilers greatly reduce heat loss, resulting in better energy usage and lower utility bills.

From Cluttered Homes to Spacious Living

One of the most noticeable benefits of converting to a combi boiler is the  space- friendly they are. 

The removal of bulky hot water cylinders creates room, making combi boilers a perfect fit for smaller properties with limited space, taking up less room in your home overall. 

It would even fit snugly in your kitchen cupboard, a much more ideal option if you are wanting to save space in your home.

Instant Hot Water On-Demand

The instant supply of hot water, without the wait for tanks to refill is a significant advantage of combi boilers. 

This convenience of having instant hot water at your fingertips is a great reason why they are so popular in the current world,  having to turn your boiler back on and then the wait for a tank to heat up is eliminated as with a combi you will never run out of hot water again.

Is converting to a combi boiler the best option?

Thermostat heating

Your Existing Setup and the Transition to a New Boiler

Before considering the transition, a thorough evaluation of the current boiler setup is essential. 

Understanding if a combi system will be best suited to your home and working out associated costs allows homeowners to make a better, more accurate decision.

 For example if you have a bigger sized home, with multiple showers, taps and radiators to be powered at once, and are considering switching to a combi- it might be worth thinking about the best boiler for your homes needs, combi’s are great at what they do however system boilers may be a better suit for larger homes. 

It is always best to get a range of boiler installation quotes too to make sure you get a great deal! 

Cost-Effectiveness of Upgrading to a Combi Boiler

The decision to invest in a ‘new boiler’ involves financial considerations. While initial costs might vary, the long-term savings on energy bills often outweigh the investment, making combi boilers an economically sensible choice.

 The cost will vary depending on the efficiency, brand and warranty you get with it. For example if you get a top brand such as Worcester Bosch or Viessmann, they will be reliable, however they also tend to be more expensive than lesser known brands.

Making the switch to a Combi Boiler

A Successful Conversion

Getting in touch with heating experts for them to assess your situation ensures a smooth transition.

 Their insights and recommendations guide homeowners in selecting the right combi boiler tailored to their specific needs.

Installation Process: Prioritising Safety and Compliance

When installing a new boiler, it is important  to get a gas safe engineer to complete the process, this is done to make sure that the job is done correctly and to a professional standard. Also it will ensure the installation is done safely.

Servicing and Care

Regular maintenance and professional servicing are greatly important in boosting the longevity and efficiency of combi boilers. In order to keep the manufacturer’s warranty that you get with the boiler, you must get your boiler serviced once every year.

 However, it would be recommended to get a cover plan for your boiler  as an extra layer of protection, making sure your boiler is properly looked after, lasting many years past its prime.

Impact on Property Value

Apart from immediate advantages, upgrading to a combi boiler can positively influence a property’s value.

Energy-efficient systems often attract potential buyers. Plus they potentially increase the property’s resale value. This is also an important factor to consider if you are debating moving properties in the future.


Transitioning to a combi boiler in the UK isn’t just about a change in heating systems; it’s an investment in a more efficient and comfortable lifestyle. If you are seriously considering getting a new boiler, bear in mind the efficiency, space-saving benefits, and convenience of a combi system. These factors make it an ideal choice for modern homes. And are what makes them such a popular choice.


How do I determine if my property is suitable for a combi boiler?

A professional assessment by a heating engineer will help you work out your property’s setup for making the change. Various considerations should be taken under consideration such as the size of your home, the amount of radiators and separate showers to be powered at once.

Are combi boilers more expensive to install compared to traditional boilers?

Initial installation costs may vary, depending on difficulty of the job and engineer costs. Also, if you get the most expensive and well known brand, the cost will ultimately be higher. However, there are usually finance options available to save you paying the full amount at once.

 Do combi boilers require specialised maintenance?

Regular servicing by a qualified engineer ensures the best performance and longevity. Getting a boiler service every year also protects your warranty. If you get a boiler cover plan there is more protection available and will therefore lead to a longer lasting boiler.

Will upgrading to a combi boiler increase my property’s value?

Energy-efficient upgrades like combi boilers can positively impact a property’s value. Plus they appeal to potential buyers knowing that they have a new, more efficient boiler that will last them for the foreseeable future. 

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