Clever Ways To Save Money In 2022

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It doesn’t matter how much you save at the moment; money is always going to be tight. The price of daily essentials is going up and it can sometimes feel as if you barely have any money left at the end of the month to do anything fun. But here are some clever ways to save money and keep your credit score stable.

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Clever Ways To Save Money In 2022 That Won’t Affect Your Credit Score



There are ways to fix the problem of money being tight; however, you may still need to meet regular payments to keep your credit score stable. Some people may pick up a few extra work hours, while others will try to put aside more money for their savings.

What if we told you that you could find a bit of extra money with these clever ways to save money instead? It isn’t an easy choice but read on to find out how you can save a bit more by being smart.

Meal Plan

Feeding a family can be difficult, even on a modest budget. Everyone has different preferences and plans during the week, making it harder to cater to everyone. You may find that you end up deciding about dinner too late, which means that you have to buy something quickly or order a takeaway. Of course, these are two very expensive options.

Instead of rushing around and spending more money than you need to, try to plan out your meals for the week ahead. All it takes is a few minutes to sit together and craft a menu around everyone’s busy schedule, and you can avoid having to make unnecessary and expensive dinner purchases. You will find that it is healthier to eat this way, too.

Swap Clothes

One of the most expensive parts of parenting is buying clothing for your children. They grow so quickly that anything you buy at the start of the year is too small by the time you get to summer. Then you must repeat the same process again every time you take them clothes shopping. Let’s also not forget how messy kids can be.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem that also helps other parents. Some stores now offer a trade-in policy for your kid’s old clothes. You can bring in some clothes and trade them with another parent for the next size up or donate them to the store for a discount on future prices. This renewable approach saves you money on clothes and is also good for the environment, making it the best way to clothe your children.

Learn Handy Skills

There will always come a time when you require someone else’s skills to get by in this world. Plumbers, builders, and electricians are all fundamental members of society. However, there are times when you need these professionals for a short time but still get charged more than it is worth. It is understandable, you are using up their valuable time, after all. Though, you may find it more beneficial to perform some of the smaller jobs yourself.

The internet is a hive of information that is available to us all. Next time something goes wrong in your home, try to google the solution and see if you can save some money by fixing the problem yourself. You should only attempt to repair something if it is safe, of course, but you can save yourself a lot of money in the future by learning a few handy skills.

Refinance Where Possible

The act of refinancing is useful for people that want to lower their monthly bills. All it takes is a quick conversation with your service providers to get your monthly payments reduced; however, you may have trouble refinancing with bad credit. This is where you need to get clever.

A site like Money Nest can help you re-mortgage or refinance despite your credit history. It may take a bit of time, but don’t count out the possibility of refinancing until you have searched through all your options.

Making Money After You've Stopped Working

Remove Your Card Details

Technology has made it quicker and easier to make daily purchases. You need to tap a screen or click a previous card payment to buy the things you really want. Unfortunately, these speedy ways to pay are designed in such a way to remove the thought processes from the action. If you stop to think about your purchases for a little longer, you may decide against buying something you do not need.

Therefore, you should make sure that you have deleted all your saved payment information and the card details from your smartphone. A few extra seconds of making these payments may be all it takes to prevent you from making a mistake, saving you money in the long run.


Saving money doesn’t mean that you should become completely frugal. All it means is that you take some extra time to think about key financial decisions, while also keeping your credit score in mind. Try to be smarter with your payments in the future, and you will find that your savings slowly start to increase.


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