Choosing The Perfect Camera For Your Blog

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One of the main considerations when blogging is the images that you place into your posts. It is a truth universally acknowledged that your blog images can make or break your articles. So how do you get the best out of your photographs? Here is a guide to choosing the perfect camera for your blog.

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Choosing The Perfect Camera For Your Blog

What Is Your Budget?

This is by far the most important consideration. However, there are so many makes and models out there that cater for any need and budget that you are bound to find the model you need. Some of the best cameras out there on the market are the moment are these (Professional) Mirrorless Cameras from Panasonic.

Where Are You Going To Be Taking Your Camera?

Taking your camera on your travels? Then a light and compact design may be your best bet. The last thing you need is to be carrying a huge piece of equipment around everywhere.

But a more bulky camera with more scope for different attachments and lenses may be more suitable if you don’t need to carry it up mountainsides.

More Compact Camera Outdoors

Do You Need Quality Close Ups?

Do you do lots of product reviews of small items such as make up or jewellery? Then you need a camera that can get up close and personal with your subject matter.

For those ultra close up photographs you may need a camera with an ability to cope with the small details.

Are You Going To Be Vlogging Too?

Thinking of doing more YouTube or IGTV? Then the video quality that you want from your camera will be of the utmost importance. Plus you do need to think more about the lighting involved with taking videos. Will the lighting need to come from the camera? Will you need more specialised lighting equipment too?

Video camera

At the end of the day, by answering all of these questions, you should get a good idea of the specifications you need in a new camera. And hopefully this article has helped you in choosing the perfect camera for your blog.

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6 Replies to “Choosing The Perfect Camera For Your Blog”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    I would love a proper camera for blogging but don’t have a budget for one so have to make do with my phone. I have a fair idea which one I would love though. hehehe x

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      I have a camera that is brilliant for videos. I just need to do more!

  2. Selina Brown says:

    Love this guide! You have provided a detailed reading and these are really helpful. As a Tech blogger, I appreciate your tips. Thank you so much and keep writing.


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