Choosing The New Flooring For A New Home

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My Mum and Auntie are moving in together in the very near future. And they have a lot of decisions to make, There is quite a fair bit of decorating to do. But one of their major decisions is choosing the new flooring of certain places in their new home. 

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Choosing The New Flooring For A New Home



The flooring in the new house that my mum and aunt have bought is a bit grotty to say the least. And so they have decided to buy some new flooring throughout the house. They are sticking to carpet upstairs as it is is warmer in the bedrooms. But downstairs is a totally different matter. 

They are needing to put flooring in 3  very different distinct areas, and each comes with its own challenges.

A Kitchen Diner


The new house has a kitchen/dining room. And in such a well used area, there are bound to be the odd spillages. Because of this I think a solid wood floor will the be the best solution.

Luckily, the kitchen units and work surfaces are in great repair, so all the budget can go on the flooring. But actually solid wood floors come in a wide range of varieties to suit most budgets. There is sure to be one that they both can agree on.




A Warm And Cosy Living Space


The next area to consider is the living room. Again I do think a wooden floor is better for this room, as it will be an area of pretty high traffic. You have to walk through the lounge to get to the kitchen, so it will need to be pretty hard wearing. 

I love some of the darker woods for creating a warm and cosy lounge space. Add a few rugs, and i think that this will be perfect!


living room


The Porch And Entrance Hall


Finally, this new house has a front porch and entrance hall. When you have an area that get exposed to so many outside elements such as rain, snow and mud, then wooden flooring is the perfect solution. Easily cleaned, hard wearing and durable, a good wooden floor could last your home for years.


I am so looking forward to seeing the new areas transformed. Would you make the same choices? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below or find me on social media. 

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Choosing The New Flooring For A New Home can be fraught with difficult decisions. See why we are going to be choosing wood floors.



2 Replies to “Choosing The New Flooring For A New Home”

  1. Wotawoman Diary says:

    Choosing flooring is very personal, it is never a case of 1 suits all. I always have carpets up the stairs and in bedrooms for comfort, i think it’s cosier. But downstairs i like both wood and tiles

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      I think I feel the same. Thank you for reading Claire.


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