Can I Use Different Stair Part Materials On My Staircase?

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If you’re planning a staircase refurbishment, or are installing one brand new, then you may be wondering which materials will look the best for your home. However, did you know, you can gain fantastic results by using different stair part materials on your stairs? Keep reading to find out more!

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Why Mix Your Materials?

Contrast is an appealing design principle in interior design that really helps to draw the eye and make your home truly unique. By using different materials within your staircase, you create a visually stunning focal point that enhances your home decor.

So, how can using different stair part materials help to create a striking look?

Materials That Work Exceptionally Well Together

The experts at Stair Crazy explain the most effective stair part material combinations. And how they can make your hallway more appealing:

Wood and Metal Staircase Parts

Firstly, transform your staircase into the ultimate style feature by blending wood and metal stair components. Typically, this works most effectively when the decorative spindles are chrome or black metal, and the rest of the balustrade is made up of oak stair parts.

The contrast between the colour and texture of the metal staircase spindles and the oak grain makes for an exciting and bold feel, adding character to your home.

Metal spindles come in a variety of beautiful classical and contemporary designs including squared and wavy. So you aren’t short on choice!

Wood And Glass Stair Parts

If you’re eager to enhance your home with an ultra-modern staircase refresh, you should consider pairing wood elements with glass panels.

With this, the main frame of your balustrade will be made from excellent-quality timber, including the newel post and handrail. Such woods include stunning oak or elegant walnut, each with its unique grain and colour.

The contrast is then created with the addition of sleek glass panels in replacement of traditional stair spindles. All of which creates an open feel in comparison to the solid natural wood.

Natural Wood With Painted Elements

Next, whilst you may be a huge fan of natural oak stair parts, you can always draw even more attention to your staircase with the addition of paint.

Paint can be added to various parts of the staircase depending on your preference. But here are two of the most common ways

Painted Risers And Oak Treads

By adding a splash of colour to your stair risers, the natural tones and grains of oak timber are elevated by the shade beneath each step.

White is a popular choice as it also helps to brighten your staircase. Which makes your hallway feel much more open and inviting.

Partly Painted Balustrade With Oak Elements

Nothing is stopping your inner interior designer from painting certain elements of your balustrade whilst leaving other stair parts to create the perfect contrast between texture and colour.

For example, your newel posts could be decorated in a rich navy blue hue. With the handrail, spindles and newel caps kept as exposed oak.

Don’t Overlook Contrasting Stair Components

So in conclusion, if you’re looking to modernise your home and revamp your staircase, don’t underestimate the impact of mixing stair parts.

By carefully selecting the right staircase parts and seeking professional installation from a trusted stair parts shop, you can transform your stairs into a stunning and contemporary focal point.


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