Bringing The Countryside Into Your City Home 

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In the hustle and bustle of city life, finding solace in the countryside is a dream for many. It’s all too easy to feel cooped up, but it can be difficult to find the time and means to escape the city. No matter how alluring the call of tranquil landscapes, lush greenery and rustic charm is. 

Whilst it isn’t the same, you can bring the countryside into your urban dwelling. Transforming it to mirror the appeal and beauty of rural life. 

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cottage core room

Natural Materials for Furniture 


Furniture can easily bridge the gap between urban functionality and rural charm.  

As a starting point, you should incorporate pieces crafted from natural materials such as wood, bamboo or wicker. This will immediately bring a rustic feel to your home. By embracing the imperfections and natural textures of these materials, you also end up celebrating their authenticity and warmth. Adding character to your space. 

Consider farmhouse-style dining tables and cosy upholstered armchairs with floral prints; the comfort and simplicity of these are reminiscent of traditional rural living. 


Colour Palette 


Set the tone for your countryside-inspired space by using an earthy colour palette to bring nature inside. Muted greens, soft browns, warm neutrals and gentle blues will create a sense of tranquillity and serenity. You can use these colours strategically on your walls, furniture and decoration to create a cosy atmosphere.  

You could consider incorporating accents of rich ochre or deep terracotta to add warmth and depth to your colour scheme too. This will mirror the earthy landscapes of rural surroundings. 


Wallpaper and Murals 


Turn your walls into a canvas of countryside beauty with botanical wallpaper or scenic murals. You can choose designs that depict lush meadows, verdant forests or rolling hills to bring the outdoors inside, creating a sense of depth and dimension to your space.  

You could even consider vintage-inspired patterns or subtle textures to enhance the rustic charm of your walls; evoking a sense of nostalgia.  




Creating a cosy ambience is important for reflecting the gentle glow of the countryside.  

Opting for soft, diffused lighting fixtures allows you to mimic natural sunlight, such as pendant lamps with fabric shades or wall sconces with frosted glass. You could incorporate adjustable lighting options to create different moods throughout the day. From bright and invigorating to warm and intimate.  

Adding candles or lanterns will add a touch of rustic charm and a subtle flicker of light to induce the peaceful glow of countryside evenings. 


Rugs and Floors 


Replace your synthetic carpets with natural materials such as solid wood flooring, reclaimed wood flooring or stone tiles to bring an authentic touch of the countryside to your home. The imperfections of these materials add personality and attraction to your home.  

Consider throwing some natural fibre rugs like jute or wool on top to bring warmth into your space; allowing you to feel connected to the natural world. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly! 




Accessorise your countryside-inspired home with décor that celebrates the beauty of nature and adds the finishing touches of rural charm to your urban space.  

You can incorporate botanical prints, floral arrangements and other natural elements to bring the outdoors inside. Displaying vintage-inspired artwork or photographs of scenic landscapes will summon a sense of wanderlust and adventure too.  

Use decorative accents such as woven baskets, ceramic vases and wooden bowls to add comfort and texture to your décor. Creating an inviting atmosphere that welcomes you home to the countryside, regardless of the busy city around you.  




Bringing the countryside into your city home is a transformative journey of blending urban sophistication with rural tranquillity. By carefully selecting your interior design, you can evoke the essence of the countryside. And create a harmonious retreat that nurtures the soul and reconnects you to the natural world.  

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