Brilliant Toys, Books And Games For Seven Year Olds

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As a mum to a 6 (nearly 7) year old, I am always on the lookout for perfect Christmas and birthday gifts for both her and her friends. And today I am going to share with you a few of our favourite toys, books and games for seven year olds.

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Brilliant Toys And Games For Seven Year Olds

Are you looking for a small game that is perfect for a schoolfriend gift? Searching for a main present? Trying to find an educational yet fun idea an idea that inspires creativity in your child? Then do read on as I have some great ideas, all of which are rated highly by my own almost seven year old. 

Chess Teacher – Learn To Play The Game. RRP £16.97

Chess Teacher Game

We love a good game here in our house, and do also love giving games away as gifts for birthdays and at Christmas. And what better game than chess? however, explaining the concepts can be quite difficult, especially to younger players.

But worry no more, as this Chess Teacher game shows you how to play with a great visual aid as you play. Aimed at age 6+, it means that even younger family members can learn the game as they play. Each large named piece shows how it moves with a small diagram. So it is a really clever aid to learning.

This Or That Game. RRP £9.95

Looking for a fun game the whole family can play along with? The This Or That Game has 200 questions, and the answers will baffle most players. It is even touted as a guessing game, so even younger players have a sporting chance. It is aimed at age 8+ – but my almost 7 year old thinks its a great game too!

This or That game

Most people will only be able to guess which of the two answers is the right one. And you may even learn something, who knows? 

Hornit Mini – Bike & Scooter Horn. RRP £19.95

Christmas and birthdays are the perfect time to gift new bikes and scooters. And as well as a scooter, you definitely need a bell. 

Hornit Mini bell and lamp

This Hornit Mini has 25 sounds and lots of different light settings, both constant and flashing. Sound effects include bells, sirens, hooters and a comical Olé trumpet music option that is Elizabeths favourite. It comes in 2 colour options, the one in the giveaway is red and blue rather than the pink and teal option in the picture above.

Zzopa Ball – RRP £9.95

Zzzopa Ball

Does your child love fast paced ball playing action? Then this next toy on the list could be perfect! The Zzopa ball can be bounced, thrown and spins on your finger. It is a fast ball and can be used to perform all kind of tricks.

It can be played with from age 3, but any age will get a lot of use from this versatile toy.

Mega Spin Gravity Yoyo – Light Up Yoyo – RRP £10.95

Talking of tricks, a yoyo is a brilliant idea for a child that wants to learn a cool new skill.

Mega Spin Gravity Yo-yo

This Mega Spin Gravity yoyo comes back to your hand, lights up with colour changing LED lights and is the perfect size and shape for perfecting those performance level tricks. Please note the giveaway prize is a green rather than a red colour.

Elizabeth with the Mega Spin Gravity yoyo

Factopia Book by Kate Hale – RRP £10.99

Lastly on this list of brilliant ideas for toys, book and games for seven year olds is the Factopia book. Every fact is connected, and you follow the trail of facts through the book. 

Factopia book

Brilliantly written and illustrated, this book is packed with 400 facts sure to astound, amaze and delight. My almost 7 year old could not put it down!

Elizabeth with the Factopia book

I hope that you have enjoyed this Toys, Books And Games For Seven Year Olds review. 

Games For Seven Year Olds - a selection of toys, books & games that will appeal to 6, 7 and 8 year olds. Perfect birthday and Christmas ideas.

129 Replies to “Brilliant Toys, Books And Games For Seven Year Olds”

  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    The Chess Teacher! It would be a great one for all the family!

  2. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    I know my great grandson would love the Mega spin gravity yoyo. He would have great fun with it

  3. Siobhan N says:

    I think is the factopia book as it sounds good fun!

  4. Lyndsey Cooksey says:

    The children in my after school club would like these games, especially the Chess Teacher. A few children already know how to play chess and I really admire those that do as I don’t know how to play. The children could tech me with this!

  5. Gemma Hendry says:

    The mega spin yoyo is my favourite, takes me right back to childhood

  6. coldi says:

    I think they all look great, but I think me and my son would have a lot of fun with the chess board! Neither of us know how to play and he really wants to learn 🙂

  7. Claire W says:

    This or That game sounds great and a fun way to learn whilst playing.

  8. Charlotte isobelle says:

    The zzopa hall as my boy would love anything like this.

  9. Dragonfly63 says:

    I love the Chess Teacher. I was taught the moves sixty years ago but never got the hang of yet he tactics, It would be wonderful if my granddaughter could learn and then teach me!

  10. fiona waterworth says:

    chess teacher as my son has joined a junior chess club at school

  11. Debbie W says:

    The Chess Teacher- I can’t play chess and I do wish I could teach my children (AND MYSELF!)

  12. Pippa Ainsworth says:

    I love the look of This or That, I think my children would enjoy playing it together.

  13. Jackie Dawson says:

    Would love the Factopia Book by Kate Hale, looks like a really fun and interesting read

  14. Rebecca Beesley says:

    love the sound of This or That – sounds like a fun family game for really great bonding time.

  15. Lisa Day says:

    The this or that game looks great fun and would make an excellent family game to play together.

  16. Amila says:

    These are great toys for kids. My son is 9yo and these are suitable for him too. I like chess teacher.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a great week!

  17. Simon M says:

    My 6 1/2 year old lad loves fact books and joke books, he’s gonna love Factopia, many thanks!

  18. Becky Yeomans says:

    The Mega Spin Gravity Yoyo – Light Up Yoyo. Takes me back to my childhood

  19. Ruth Tesdale says:

    I would love my grandkids to have Chess Teacher as then they could teach me!

    1. Darren Bourne says:

      Factopia. Kids are like sponges for fun learning.

  20. Sheila Wilkinson says:

    The hornit mini.It promises to be super annoying so would probably be very popular!

  21. Katrina Adams says:

    The light up yoyo because it reminds me of getting them for Christmas in my stocking when I was younger.

  22. Fiona Liu says:

    These games look fabulous, my girls would love this

  23. Christopher Powell says:

    Chess teacher as my child want’s to learn and I don’t know how to myself, so would be very handy

  24. John Taggart says:

    The Chess Teacher -I went to buy a chess game and the shopkeeper declined my credit card, when I asked why she said “we only accept a cheque mate”!

  25. Chelsey Hollings says:

    Factopia….My daughter loves reading facts and quizzing people on them

  26. Jo Jones says:

    The prizes are al great but The Chess Teacher is my favourite.

    1. Heather Morrison says:

      Factopia! Both my kids absorb information so love games like this xx

  27. Adrian Bold says:

    My favourite is the Mega Spin Gravity Yoyo – Light Up Yoyo

  28. Charlotte Pashley-Foy says:

    Chess teacher. My nephew is really interested in learning how to play chess (it’s on one of his Switch games but he wants a board to learn) so this would be amazing for him.

  29. Ursula Hunt says:

    we love game and would get hours of fun playing the This Or That Game

  30. Wendy Lam-Vechi says:

    Definitely Factopia. I love learning new and interesting facts and I know my son takes after me

  31. Danielle lattimore says:

    The this or that game looks great fun for the family

  32. Jo m welsh says:

    The game This Or That sounds a fun game thats not too serious and for all ages

  33. Katie B says:

    The chess teacher! We’ve been trying to learn how to play recently so this would come in handy

  34. Astrid c says:

    the chess teacher be awesome for my children to learn.

  35. Jayne Townson says:

    I think the This Or That Game, looks like great fun to me, thanks.

  36. Rebecca Sutton says:

    They all look fun, but I think the mega spin would go down well in my house

  37. Emma Walters says:

    love the Hornit Mini, perfect for a new bike that santa has been asked for this chistmas

  38. Laura Corrall says:

    They all look amazing, especially the Zzopa Ball. Ball games are so much fun and easy to do solo or with friends.

  39. Jenny Harlow says:

    I really like the idea of the factopia game, sounds like a great way of learning through fun

  40. Rachael Louise Sexey says:

    The chess teacher, my son loves board games

  41. Pauline Burroughs says:

    The Zzopa Ball as I think it’s something that my grandson would love

  42. katrina walsh says:

    I like the sound of This Or That. I reckon it would certainly bring up some interesting answers and reasoning!

  43. Alice lightning says:

    Such a great selection of goodies x factopia sounds super . Always great to learn interesting facts x

  44. Emma England says:

    My son is 7 and I know he would love everything in this gift guide! Factopia would be a favourite, he loves facts.

  45. Susan B says:

    The Mega Spin Gravity Yoyo is my favourite and much more fun than the yoyos we had as children.

  46. DAWN HULL says:

    My favourite has to be the THIS OR THAT game. Thank you.

  47. Becca M says:

    Every since watching the ‘Chest’ Bluey episode my son has been obsessed with learning how to play chess. So The Chess Teacher would definitely be my favourite

  48. Fiona Johnstone says:

    The Mega Spin Yoyo is my favourite. I used to love playing with a yoyo.

  49. Amanda Botterill says:

    I know that my foster son would love the Factopia Book

  50. Julie Ward says:

    The mega spin gravity yoyo, suitable for both grandaughters

  51. Victoria Prince says:

    My favourite is the This or That game – sounds like lots of fun for everyone

  52. lynn neal says:

    The mini Hornit looks great and I am sure my grandchildren would love it!

  53. Lucy Chester says:

    The chess teacher would be brilliant as would love to learn as a family

  54. Naomi Buchan says:

    Factopia, My nephew would love it! Close second would be the Zzzopa

  55. Stef Acaster says:

    I’d have to choose the Zzopa Ball because my grandson would love it

  56. Jenny Embleton says:

    The chess teacher js my favourite. Would love to introduce my children to chess 🙂

  57. Lindsey Stuart says:

    I am loving this gift guide, the Hornit Mini, Bike & Scooter Horn is my favourite what a super idea. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  58. Emma m says:

    I like the chess teacher, not for my son because he knows how to play but for me so I can learn to play with him! Lol

  59. Michelle Sanchez says:

    Chess teacher because it’s not something my kids would even think of playing but that game looks fun

  60. Hayley F says:

    I love the factopia book and so would my nephew x

  61. Graham Bell says:

    My Stepdaughter Paige would LOVE the Factopia Book!!!!

  62. Kate Sutton says:

    Factopia because my kids would find it interesting!

  63. Jennifer Rhymer says:

    The This Or That Game looks brilliant and would keep my inquisitive son entertained for a while!

  64. Tracy Higgs says:

    I love the Mega Spin Yo Yo……What a blast from the past

  65. Michelle Moloney says:

    This or that as it’ll take them a while. Encore they’ve memorised all the answers


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