Better Blogging – 4 Simple Ways To Be An Organised Blogger

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Better Blogging – 4 Simple Ways To Be An Organised Blogger


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Life often feels like one big to-do list. And when you’re trying to find the time to do something you
enjoy we can’t help but feel guilty about all those other pressing matters we should be attending to.

Blogging is a prime example of this. What probably started off as a simple and enjoyable hobby that
you could manage around your other roles and responsibilities has now transformed into a full-time
job, that is demanding more and more of your free time.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. By adjusting your approach and finding ways to streamline your
blogging work, you’ll be able to maintain your high-quality content and manage your blog
effectively, streamlining you towards online success. Read on for 4 simple ways to be an organised

Accounting software


One of the most time consuming and stressful aspects of blogging is the financial side of things.
Outgoings and earnings, expenses and invoices can quickly become overwhelming if not managed
correctly. This is why more bloggers than ever are switching to Freshbooks.

Their reliable and user-friendly business invoice maker aims to make your financial management a whole lot easier. With
tailor-made invoices that you can create in seconds, it’s never been simpler to get paid for all the
hard work you do.

Having the right financial tools behind you will help you stay motivated and ensure better financial
organisation. So, whether it’s time to file a tax return or you want to know if a payment from that
third party has landed, you’ll have the confidence to know where you stand and help your business

Take back control of your inbox

Don’t be at the mercy of your inbox. There’s nothing more daunting than an email homepage with
hundreds of unread messages waiting.

It’s one of the most difficult tasks facing bloggers and influencers alike. Sadly if you don’t gain control of your emails you could miss out on opportunities, brand events and even collabs with other bloggers.

Delete and unsubscribe from anything you don’t need and then create a colour-coded system to help you prioritise your mail. Dedicate some time each day to going through your inbox to keep on top of this process.

Engage discipline when it comes to social media

Social media is a simple way to drain your time and energy. It’s the ultimate procrastination tool.

Of course, research and engagement with followers are essential for your work, but consider placing a
daily timer on these things. Only then will you resist the urge to burn all those precious minutes
scrolling without intent.

And finally, create templates and save your graphics

Headers for your blog pages, fonts, colour palettes and cute graphics, whatever makes your blog
unique and identifiable should always be consistent. It’s one of the ways people will engage with
your brand.

To make life easier and to be more organised, don’t make all these things from scratch
every time. Save them so you can grab and go. It’ll streamline your blogging process and free up more time.


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