Best European Destinations To Catch A Tan

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Want to catch a tan without travelling too far? Here are some of the best European destinations to catch a tan.

Europe is home to endless sunny holiday destinations, giving you plenty of great opportunities to catch a tan. Foreign holidays are bouncing back after the pandemic, and Europe is a significantly more accessible option compared to others further afield.  You can even opt for a motorhome holiday, saving money on accommodation – just make sure you get motorhome insurance.

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Best European Destinations To Catch A Tan

Set on a holiday that promises buckets of sunshine? You’ve come to the right place. Just make sure you stock up on SPF and practice good sun safety while you’re there.


Ibiza may be known as a party island, but there’s a more serene side to it too. You’ll be spoilt for choice with golden sandy beaches and turquoise seas. Beach hopping is a popular activity here, giving you plenty of opportunities to catch a tan. Many opt for boat trips over to Formentera, a small island with secluded beaches. You can also make the most of snorkelling here, with some boat tours offering a sunset cruise allowing you to see the sun set out at sea.


This Greek island promises a whale of a time, with lots of opportunity to work on that tan on some of the best beaches in that part of the world – and luckily, the sun is out almost every day of the year. From water skiing to jet skiing, it’s a great spot for water sports, with lots of opportunities to go diving too. The island itself is big, which means you have plenty of choice when it comes to seeking out cultural and historical artefacts.

Canary Islands

The sunny weather in the Canary Islands comes hand-in-hand with volcanic scenery, making it a truly unique place for your holiday. Whether you choose Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Tenerife or somewhere else entirely, each island promises something special. Many spend their time in the sun doing something adventurous, such as mountain biking or hiking to seek out fantastic views. Make sure you tuck into Spanish cuisine out in the sunshine to fuel up!


Situated in the southernmost region of Portugal, the Algarve is a breath-taking spot for natural scenery. Work your way along cliffside paths, spotting unusual geological formations out at sea, then settle down at one of the fantastic beaches on offer. White sand and crystal-clear seas is the norm here – many people choose to surf because of the perfect conditions.


It’s sunny 300 days of the year here, making this destination a no brainer for your tanning pursuits. The small island is perfectly positioned in the Mediterranean Sea. And there are plenty of caves to explore as you go. Lagoon and sea cruises are a must in Malta – and they’re glorious in the sunshine. The cuisine here is truly unique. You could have anything from rabbit stew to Kapunata, which is a Maltese spin on ratatouille.

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