Beginner Sewing Projects – Easy Things To Sew Today!

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Are you just starting to sew and are looking for some incredibly easy ideas for what to make? Well here is a great list of beginner sewing projects that even someone that is just starting out can sew!

Beginner Sewing Projects – Easy Things To Sew Today!

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First sewing projects for adults.

I love sewing, it is such a great hobby. But everyone has got to start somewhere. And so these easy project ideas are perfect for gaining confidence when you are just starting out on your sewing journey.

When I first started to sew, I looked all over for a list of ideas like this. I wanted to make things that could be sewn with mainly straight lines, that gave a great result but are really simple!

Here is a list of easy beginner sewing projects that will really help you to start to enjoy and get better at your new hobby. Plus along the way you can be making useful and beautiful gifts for friends and family. 

And some of these are also perfect ideas for making to sell. It is great to make a bit of extra money from your hobby. Find more ideas of things that you can make to sell here.

What You Need For These Projects


All you really need for these projects are a sewing machine, some fabric, thread, some scissors, pins and a ruler.

Plus most of these projects are made with smaller pieces of fabric, because when you start out, you don’t really want to be using too much expensive cloth in case you mess up.

I would even advise using up old clothes, or scraps of fabric you don’t want. But actually these projects are that simple that it is quite difficult to mess them up!

My biggest tip, and something that helps me a lot when sewing, is my magnetic seam guide magnet. These can be bought from most haberdashers, and they do help me to keep my seam allowances straight. I find them invaluable. (though if you have a computerised machine they may not be suitable – check your machine manual to ensure you can use one safely)

So on with the ideas for easy beginner sewing projects that you can make today!

Simple Skirt

This is such a lovely make for a beginner, as it is really easy, but you end up with a pretty garment to wear too! 

Find the tutorial here.

Making A Simple Skirt - a picture tutorial of how to sew a pretty skirt with an elasticated waist - perfect first sewing project for sexists of all ages #sewintutorials #sewingprojects #sewing #sewingclothes #sewingskirt #sewingtips #beginnerssewingprojects #beginnersewing #easysewing #easydiy #easyfirstsewingproject #picturetutorial

Pillowcase Dress

Similarly – if you have a small child, this tutorial to make a pillowcase dress is a brilliant way to make a pretty dress for a child and upcycle an old piece of cloth too!

Find the really simple instructions on how to make this here.

The finished pillowcase dress

Simple Apron

A little apron is a really useful and lovely thing to make, and they make great gifts. Here is one I made, but see this tutorial for how to make your own!

Simple Apron


These coasters are so easy to make as they are mostly straight line sewing. Plus they make great gifts for teachers, Mother’s Day or Christmas. Make them in a larger size and they make fantastic placemats. 

See how to make them in this tutorial.

Easy fabric coasters

Easy Bunting

Bunting is fun at any time of the year. But this easy bunting is so simple, it can be made even by the most novice sewist. Find out how to make your own here.

How To Make The Easiest Bunting Ever - this bunting is quick, easy, simple to make and uses up your fabric scraps. Get the free template here

Heating Pads

In the cooler months, these heating pads can be used to warm your hands. But they are also useful for having to warm uo to cure aches and body pains. Make them in a larger size as a neck and shoulder warmer.

See how to make them here.

I DO Handmade Hand Warmers

Baby Bibs

Not only are these easy to sew, but they make a great gift for a new mum.

Find out how to make them with my easy tutorial and pattern here.

How to make baby bibs - learn to sew your own baby bandana dribble bib using this easy sewing tutorial & free baby bib pattern. Beginner sewing project ideal for a novice. Great gift idea, perfect for last minute baby shower presents. Simple sewing projects in less than 15 minutes. Sewing project that oyu can sell at craft fairs and school fundraisers. How to make a baby bib.

Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags are a wonderful first sewing project. Not only are they easy to sew, but they are brilliant for using all around the home. Make them in all sizes for all kinds of uses, and they make great great gift bags.

See how you can easily make your own here.

Handmade drawstring bag


Make Up Remover Pads

Make Up Remover Pads are a brilliant easy sewing project, and a great way to get teenagers interesting in sewing for themselves. You can make them in a hexagonal shape like I did, but can also sew simple square ones.

Find my tutorial here.

How To Make Reusable Make Up Remover Pads - these are a great zero waste, sustainable alternative to cotton pads & wipes. Full step by step sewing tutorial - up cycle old towels and fabric scraps. #sewing #tutorial #makeupremoverpads #upcycled #sustainable #zerowaste #easysewingproject #sewingprojects


Reusable Kitchen Roll

Another easy make that you can use around the home, this reusable kitchen roll is made from old towels. It is so simple to make as it just requires straight line sewing.

See how you can make some for yourself here.

How To Make Reusable kitchen roll or unpaper towels - a great alternative to paper towels. A great zero waste, frugal and sustainable kitchen swap. Upcycle old clothes, towels and cloth to make these cloths that can be laundered with the rest of your wash. DIY tutorial with pictures. Pictorial guide to making these sustainable recycled . Environmentally friendly #unpapertowels #kitchentowels #upcycling #sustainable #zerowaste



Also very useful around the home, these unsponges are a great simple make that is perfect for beginner sewists.

See how to make them here.

Unsponges -Sewing Projects That You Can Sell - make money from what you sew with these ideas for brilliant & sellable DIY items. Links to Full step by step tutorials for each. #sewing #sewingtosell #sewingprojects #sellinghandmade #craftfairs #craftfairideas #sewingcrafts

Sandwich Wraps

Sandwich wraps are a great way of reducing plastic use, because you can stop using plastic bags in favour of these. But they are also incredibly easy to make.

Find out how to make them here.

Reusable Sandwich Wrap -Sewing Projects That You Can Sell - make money from what you sew with these ideas for brilliant & sellable DIY items. Links to Full step by step tutorials for each. #sewing #sewingtosell #sewingprojects #sellinghandmade #craftfairs #craftfairideas #sewingcrafts


Slightly More Complicated Makes


All of the above projects are incredibly simple. But you may want to challenge yourself a little once you have made them.

Once you have mastered simple straight lines, then you can move on to using elastic in your makes, or using more challenging fabrics in these slightly more complex makes.

Chapstick Holders

These are still quite easy to make, but are slightly more fiddly as they are small. However, they are so useful for having attached to your purse. Never lose your chapstick again!

See the tutorial on how to make them here.

How To Make A Lip Balm Holder - chapstick pouch that clips to your keys, bag or belt. A great gift or idea to sell. Quick easy scrap buster. Use up old fabric scraps with this easy sewing project suitable for beginners. Fast and quick sew. Novice sewing idea. Keep your lip balm or hand cream close by, no more losing it in the bottom of your handbag

Face Masks

In the last year we have all needed these, and so they are really useful things to know how to make. They are only straight lines, but you do need to get more fiddly with elastic and folding fabric.

 Find my tutorial here and make your own.

Kevin Carrot Christmas Masks



Scrunchies are a brilliant way to use up fabric scraps. They are useful and make great gifts. They are quite simple to sew, but the e.lastic makes them slightly more complicated. 

Find out how to make them here.

How to Make Scrunchies From Fabric Scraps - using up waste fabric and up cycling old cloth to make other things #zerowaste #recycled #upcycled #fabricscraps #scrunchies #90s #DIY #makingscrunchies #fabricscraps #zerowaste #backtoschool #giftideas


Fabric Bookmark

These fabric bookmarks are also a lovely gift idea, But you do need to hand sew a button and sew elastic onto place.

See how you can make them here.


Eye Mask

Again, as with face masks, these eye masks are pretty simple to sew, but the elastic and the curved shape do make them a little more complex.

See here how to make your own, and get my free pattern.

How To Make An Eye Mask - Here is an Easy Sewing Tutorial with free a pattern / template. Sew yourself a cute handy sleep mask for relaxing or self care. Great gift idea for friends and family for Christmas or birthdays. And also the perfect items to sell at craft fairs or Etsy. Scrapbusting pattern - use up all your old fabric scraps to make something beautiful and useful. Adjustable elastic toggle and full instructions that are suitable for novice / beginner sewists.


Shower Pouf

This hessian shower pouf is a brilliant alternative to the horrible plastic ones. Made like a scrunch, it can be a little more tricky to make. But find out how you can do it yourself here.

Hessian Shower Pouf -Sewing Projects That You Can Sell - make money from what you sew with these ideas for brilliant & sellable DIY items. Links to Full step by step tutorials for each. #sewing #sewingtosell #sewingprojects #sellinghandmade #craftfairs #craftfairideas #sewingcrafts

Hand Gel Holder

Finally, this hand gel holder is a great way of never losing your sanitiser in the bottom of your purse. And it can be made really easily in a few munites. The only thing that makes it a bit more complex is the fact that is is made with plasticised material.

See how you can make it for yourself here.


So there you have a large list of really easy and quick beginner sewing projects that you can sew today! 

I hope that I have given you plenty of inspiration for things to sew. Will you be making any of these? I love to see your makes. Comment below or follow me on my social media.

And please do pin this post for later.

Beginner Sewing Projects - Are you looking for some easy ideas of things to sew for novice sewers? Well here are some perfect easy things that sewists can start when learning to sew. Learn to sew using these lovely and simple tutorials. Make a host of pretty, useful and giftable items. Create items that you can sell and give to friends and family. Very easy starter projects for even first time sewing.




2 Replies to “Beginner Sewing Projects – Easy Things To Sew Today!”

  1. Caz / InvisiblyMe says:

    What a fantastic collation of cool projects! I love the variety here and the ‘un’ products that are more eco friendly than continually buying face remover wipes or kitchen towels and such. Fab ideas. The holder for hand sanitizer is one I could particularly do with at the moment; it sounds easier, but you’ve not seen my sewing capabilities xx

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Thank Caz. I love my sewing hobby, and just wanted to make a list of some of the projects that I wish that I had discovered when I was first beginning my sewing journey!


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