Be Happier In 2020 – With This 8 Point Plan

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Need new ways to be happier in 2020? Then do read on. This week my gorgeous other half claimed that he has the secret to being calmer, less stressed and having more energy.


Then all you need to do is follow this 8 point plan.

Be Happier In 2020 – With This 8 Point Plan



Stop Watching The News


My OH has totally deleted his News Apps, and refuses to watch any news channels or programmes. He hasn’t actually seen any news for over a month.

And he feels much happier because of it!

Now, I have been giving him little snippets, as I do still have the apps (and Twitter). But even I agree that the majority of the news is quite depressing to read. And it often makes me anxious. So I can understand his stance.


Stay Away From Social Media


Similarly, my OH has deleted his Twitter app, and doesn’t use Facebook or Instagram. That way he does not see any news.

Now, I need social media for my blog and promotion, so I do rely on it daily. But I can totally understand how it can wind people up and get them annoyed. Staying away from it can really help you to be happier.


Stop Drinking Alcohol


Now I cannot say whether this will continue for me but I know that it helped me when I did ‘Dry January‘.

Who knew January was such a long month LOL?

But I begrudgingly admit that stopping the alcohol helped with my energy and sleep levels. Plus, quitting the booze helped me kick start my weight loss once more.


Be Happier In 2020 - want to improve your happiness and energy levels but reduce your stress this year? Then follow this 8 point plan to being happy! #happy #behappy #happiness #happinesstips #positive #positivethinking #positivemindset #positiveenergy


Drink More Water


This has also been a tough one for me, but drinking more water does increase your energy levels. By drinking at least 2 litres a day it really does make a difference to my energy levels. Maybe it is flushing out all the toxins. But – there is a caveat…


Stop Drinking Water After 6pm


My gorgeous OH has made this a rule of his being happier as he was always having to get up through the night to use the loo.

Even if you have a strong bladder, drinking water after a certain time may cause you to wake more. So you may wish to follow this rule.


Be Happier In 2020 - want to improve your happiness and energy levels but reduce your stress this year? Then follow this 8 point plan to being happy! #happy #happypins #behappy #happiness #energytips #stressrelief #boostenergy #happinesstips

Sleep More


And this goes hand in hand with most of the other points in this post. If you

  • drink less alcohol,
  • exercise more,
  • eat better and drink more water and
  • are less stressed because you are not listening to all the bad news in the world,

then you are far more likely to sleep better.

Did you know that lack of sleep affects your weight loss? Here are some tips to help you get the best sleep ever.

However, we also got a new mattress this month, which has helped improve my back pain tremendously (along with the yoga and some physiology exercises I have been doing).

Add Some Exercise (Even Gentle Stuff Helps)


I have resolved to do a lot more walking in 2020, and up my steps to try and reach 10,000 a day. Even though the days have been dark in January, we have tried to get out as a family more too. We even got out for a walk onto Ilkley moor, and walked around the grounds of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


Scenery at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Now, I hate doing all the cardio and the lifting etc. But we have added some gentle stretching and yoga into our routine too this month and it really has helped with my pain levels and energy.

3-4 times a week we do 15 minutes of yoga poses. And we suck, it is hilarious. But it is still doing something. And it really does release endorphins.

Be Happier In 2020 - want to improve your happiness and energy levels but reduce your stress this year? Then follow this 8 point plan to being happy! #happy #behappy #happiness #happinesstips #positive #positivethinking #positivemindset #positiveenergy


Believe It Works


Yes, finally – the placebo effect of thinking its working will actually help. The brain is a powerful tool for belief. If you believe something works, then it usually helps.

See some motivational quotes which may inspire you.

And there you have it. Our 8 point plan to be happier in 2020. Do you think that you could implement some of these into your daily routines? Do you think that you would see a difference? I’d love to hear your results. Comment below or contact me over on my social media.


And please do pin this post to read later.

Be Happier In 2020 - want to improve your happiness and energy levels but reduce your stress this year? Then follow this 8 point plan to being happy! #happy #behappy #happiness #happinesstips #positive #positivethinking #positivemindset #positiveenergy





6 Replies to “Be Happier In 2020 – With This 8 Point Plan”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    I have stopped watching the news. I see little bits here and there but it doesn’t seem as depressing when I see it on Social media.
    I have drank a lot less in January. I was ill for a couple of weekends then I just haven’t felt like it.
    I am so bad at drinking water. I know I need to drink more. I realised today that I had a headache coming on and realised I’d drank hardly anything. Oops.
    Great advice. x

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Yes, I am so bad with water too. Thank you for reading.

  2. Natalie says:

    These are good tips, Jo. Alcohol is expensive in Canada and our tap water is safe to drink so water has been my main choice to stay hydrated. Thank you for linking up with me on this Wellness Wednesday. The next link up is on March 15. Optional prompt Spring Forward. I hope to see you there. #WW2020

  3. Leslie Susan Clingan says:

    So glad to have you join us for Wellness Weekend with these wise words. One of my wellness goals for a couple of years now has been to limit drinking alcohol to a drink on weekends. Unless I have had a very, very good or bad day! But it has made a big difference!
    Probably need to implement the water drinking rule as I up sometimes twice a night to visit the bathroom. Practically sleep-walking there and back to bed. Rather dangerous.
    We will be posting our March edition of #WW2020 on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Hope you will join us again.


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