Autumn Leaf Candle Jar DIY

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As Autumn draws near, I love to start bringing the outside in and creating pretty decor using things I find out on my daily walks. And so today I am going to show you a really quick and easy upcycled decor project using things you already probably have in your home. Plus some leaves and berries that you will easily be able to find whilst you are out and about. Here is how to make an autumn leaf candle jar.

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How To Make An Autumn Leaf Candle Jar


I usually have one or two jars in my recycling cupboard, and so this is a really great way to upcycle one of these. This pretty tea light holder looks really effective, but is incredibly simple to make.

You Will Need

Materials needed for Autumn Leaf Candle Jar

  • An old jar
  • A selection of leaves
  • Some ModPodge (doesn’t matter if Matte or Gloss) and brush – this acts as a glue, varnish and a sealant.
  • Some twine or string – the more natural looking the better

The leaves do need to be dry, and the flatter the better. But do not let them dry out so much as they crack when you try to stick them to the jar. I found several leaves that were dry yet still flexible, then placed them between a couple of heavy books to flatten them slightly.

Take the jar and ensure it is clean. You may need to remove parts of the label. Just as long as the surface is clean and dry for the Mod Podge to stick to.

Placing a leaf onto the jar

Using a brush, paint a little Mod Podge on a section of the jar. Let this become quite tacky, which can take a few minutes. I also painted one side of the leaf, and again let this dry to be slightly tack of a few minutes. 

Next, place the leave in the desired position and push into place with your fingers firmly. If you have not left it long enough, the leaf will move around a little too much, so remove and wait a little longer. But once the Mod Podge has become sufficiently tacky, you will find that you can push the leaf into a good position and stick it down firmly aroundd the edges with your finger. Leave this to dry, then move onto the next section and leave.

Pushing the edges of the leaves down

Continue doing this until you have placed the number of leaves that you want. Leave the whole thing to dry. 

You may need to add a little more Mod Podge and push the edges of the leaves down further.

Once you are happy with the leaf placement, paint a layer of Mod Podge over the whole of the jar again, to act as a sealant and varnish.

Painting over the whole thing to varnish and seal the leaves

Leave this to dry. Depending on the type of Mod Podge you use, your jar may dry clear or translucent. (I had a gloss Mod Podge, so my jar finished up being quite clear)

Finally, tie some twine or string around the neck of the jar. I used some berries just to add a decorative feature. Then tied a bow. You may also wish to make a hanging loop.

Once the whole thing is finished place your tealight and enjoy the autumn ambience radiating from your new autumn leaf candle jar!

(Note: You can use these with real tea lights, as there is nothing inflammable inside the jar. But do be aware that ModPodge can melt if it gets too hot. So my recommendation is to use a fake tea light torch, which you can pick up from many bargain stores or online. I use these a lot as I have a small child’s safety to consider.)

Autumn Leaf Candle Jar DIY - how to make pretty fall decor from an upcycled jar & some leaves. Simple effective fall themed teal light holder.

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Autumn Leaf Candle Jar DIY - how to make pretty fall decor from an upcycled jar & some leaves. Simple effective fall themed teal light holder.

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10 Replies to “Autumn Leaf Candle Jar DIY”

  1. Julie says:

    This looks great, a perfect way to use colourful autumn leaves. The fact your jar was such a pretty shape really helps too!

  2. Ann says:

    Very pretty. Several of these would look great lined-up as a centerpiece!


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