Are Some Tyres Really Safer Than The Others?

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Are Some Tyres Really Safer Than The Others?



Your car tyres are what connects your car to the road. They offer traction that enables your vehicle to either stop, move or turn. Therefore, it is extremely important to select the right pair of tyres best suited for your vehicle. For readers based in Kent and nearby areas who are looking for new car tyres, here are some guidelines that will help you in selecting safer and better tyres.


What Makes a Tyre Safe?

A car tyre has four main parts, each of them play their respective roles in making the car tyre safe. First most is the Bead which is a steel cable wrapped in rubber. It goes along the inside edge of the tyre, holding the tyre to the wheel. Then comes the Bodyof the tyre, which is made up of layers of a strong fabric. As these layers increases, the tyre tends to get stronger. Sidewall of a tyre is the side-edge that keeps all the inner parts together. Whereas, Tyre Tread is the rubber part of the tyre that stays in contact with the road.


Are Some Tyres Really Safer?


Selecting Well Matched Tyres

Tyre markets are now offering different kinds of tyres like winter, summer and all season tyres. The right choice, however will be selecting tyres that best matches your vehicle. This means to opt for tyres that best fit your car and driving style. Tyres of incorrect size and weight can affect your vehicles’ overall performance and your safety. Therefore, select tyres after knowing the right size and weight of a tyre best suited for your car.

Also take into consideration the conditions you will be driving in. If you will be driving on muddy or snowy roads then you need to look out for mud or snow tyres that are designed to make up for the traction loss. Whereas, if you will be driving more during the rainy season then you need tyres that will reduce the risk of hydroplaning or losing control over the vehicle.


Tyre Maintenance

Maintaining your tyres is an equally important task that needs to be taken seriously. Worn out tyres are less likely to channel things like snow, dirt, water etc which reduces the tyres’ grip and affects the driver’s safety.

Tyre maintenance involves regularly checking your tyre pressure, tyre tread depth and wheel alignment to make sure that your tyres are at their best possible condition. If you’re looking for local tyre specialists, visit Dartford Tyres based in Kent and get your tyres checked, repaired or replaced from their experts.

So, are some tyres really safer than the others? The answer is yes. Tyres that are well-matched with the vehicle and are regularly maintained are definitely safer than the others.


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