Are Ottoman Beds Worth The Extra Cost?

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Ottomans cost more than comparable divan bases because they are more challenging to manufacture and have more expensive parts. In most cases, you can expect to pay + £100 for an ottoman base over a divan base. Are ottoman beds worth the extra cost though? Is the extra money spent worth it? That depends entirely on how much you value storage space or how much storage space you need.

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Are Ottoman Beds Worth The Extra Cost?


Photo courtesy of Bedstar – Milan Bed Company Side Lift Ottoman Bed in Grey


Ottomans have a lift-up base, and the entire underside of the mattress platform is used for storage. On the other hand, divans can have in-built drawers or a slide store, but the overall storage volume is significantly less.

Ottomans are the best storage beds money can buy, and they are worth it if you need lots of storage. You can’t put a price on space!

What is an ottoman?

Ottoman beds have a mattress platform that you can lift to reveal storage space underneath. The mattress platform is supported by a gas hydraulic strut which delivers a controlled closing motion for safety.

The whole underside of an ottoman is storage space. The storage compartment is kept off the floor with an underside bedpan, usually made from plastic, but sometimes with a wood board (particleboard) screwed to the underside.

Ottomans look very similar to divans and solid platform beds, and you can only tell they have storage underneath when you lift the base.

Ottoman bed pros and cons

Ottoman beds look fantastic and unlock an abundance of new storage space, but there are several things to bear in mind before buying.

Here are the pros and cons of ottoman beds:

  • Massive storage space – ottomans offer more storage space than any other bed type, using the whole underside for storage.
  • Space-saving frame – many ottomans have a base the same size as the mattress, saving precious inches of floor space versus a standard bed frame.
  • Lift location – you can specify an ottoman with a foot end or side end lift. This ensures you can make the most of your bedroom layout.
  • Durability – ottomans have a gas hydraulic strut rated to take more than the weight of the platform and the thickest mattresses.
  • Slow closing – the gas hydraulic strut controls the mattress platform’s descent, so it will never slam shut and trap fingers.
  • Available in all sizes – you can get ottoman bed frames in single, small, double, double, and king sizes.
  • Suitable for all mattress types – ottomans are compatible with spring, foam, hybrid, and natural filling mattresses.
  • Style and colours – ottomans are available in an unlimited range of styles and colours, and you can also sometimes swap out the headboard.
  • Price – ottomans are more expensive than divans. You can expect to pay £100 to £150 more for comparable ottoman frames.
  • Heavy – ottomans weigh more than other types of bed frames. It would be best if you had floor glider feet or castor wheels to manoeuvre them around.
  • Safety around children – supervise children because the platform is a choking hazard and jumping on the bed when the platform is upright is dangerous.


Buying tips for ottoman beds

Ottoman beds are available with an upholstered base or a wooden frame, such as the Milan Company Madrid. Upholstered bases offer a more comprehensive range of colours, but the upholstery may snag and fray over time if exposed to high wear.

Milan Bed Company Madrid 3FT Single Wooden Ottoman Bed – Natural,
Picture courtesy of Bedstar – Milan Bed Company Madrid 3FT Single Wooden Ottoman Bed – Natural, Available from Bedstar. The Online Bed Superstore.

You can get ottomans that sit flush to the floor or on short legs. Flush ottomans are an acquired taste, and you might prefer the base to be lifted off the ground, but some ottomans that sit on legs have a visible storage pan underneath the bed.

Some ottomans have partitioned storage under the base, and you might prefer this as opposed to one large compartment.

While they cost at least £100 more than comparable divans, overall, ottoman beds are a brilliant investment if you need lots of storage space for bedding, towels, shoes, suitcases, etc. No other bed type offers so much storage.

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