Advent Calendar Treat Bags

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I love Advent! The days leading up to Christmas are more precious to me than even the big day itself. I love having all the usual traditions to look forward to, and watching my little girl getting excited is just the best. So this year I decided to make some Advent Calendar Treat bags as part of our run up to Christmas. These can be used year after year too!

Advent Calendar Treat Bags

Advent Calendar Treat Bags

I made these with some remnants that I found in my stash. You will need

  • some pieces of fabric – I used Christmas fabric, 3 fat quarters sized or 3/4 metre.
  • some pieces of white fabric or felt – OR some pre cut fabric/felt numbers
  • a die-cutting machine and some vilene bondaweb – OR a glue gun
  • some thin (7mm) ribbon
  • scissors, thread, and a sewing machine is best, though these bags could always be sewn by hand too!

Advent Calendar Treat Bags - fabric

1. I cut my fabric into 24 equal pieces.

each of mine measured 22cm by 12cm, but you can make these bags as big or small as you like!

2. I made the numbers to iron onto the bags

Vilene bondaweb (or fuse-a-web) is a double sided interfacing sheet with paper on one side of it. Using a pressing cloth, I ironed the sheet to bond to my white fabric.

Advent Calendar Treat Bags - bondaweb

Then, using my die cutting machine, I cut out the numbers needed for the numbers 1 to 24. These numbers can then just be ironed onto the bags.

Advent Calendar Treat Bags - sissex die cutting machine

3. I ironed the numbers onto the bags.

I folded one of the pieces in half and ironed it flat, so that the fold became the base. Then, I placed the number in the centre. You could also buy ready made adhesive numbers, stick numbers on with a glue gun, or even use fabric paint! You could appliqué the numbers, but this would take a while…

Advent Calendar Treat Bags - ironing on numbers to the bags

Advent Calendar Treat Bags - set of numbered pieces of fabric

4. Sewing the bags together

(this is quicker with a machine but could be done by hand)

I folded over the top of each side of the bag wrong sides together by 1.5cm. Then, I sewed across the top of each side with a 1cm seam allowance, making a casing for the ribbon drawstring. (which will be inside the bag once made)

Advent Calendar Treat Bags - ribbon casing

Then, folding the fabric right sides together, so that the casings meet evenly at the top, I sewed the side seams. Starting just below the casing stitching at each side, I sewed down each side of the bag. I used the presser foot as a seam guide, making this a small 5mm allowance.

Advent Calendar Treat Bags - side seams

Turning the bag inside out, I pushed out the corners. The ribbon casing should be free of stitching at the sides.

Advent Calendar Treat Bags - almost finished bag

Almost there! Last step was to pull some ribbon through the casing. I used a really long needle with an eye big enough to thread the ribbon through.

Knot the ribbon…And you have a completed bag!

Advent Calendar Treat Bags - finished bag

Just another 23 to make.

Advent Calendar Treat Bags - set of bags finished

And here they all are. My finished bags are 11cm by about 8cm, so a great size for some treats or a small figure.

These can be used as decorations for the Christmas tree. They could be strung onto a garland. Though if you have seen my past Christmas posts I have some garlands already! I’m actually planning to use them as an addition to my elf this year in advent. The elf will be hiding somewhere new each day, and the bag will be with her. I can’t wait to see my little one’s face.

Love Advent Calendars? Why not check out Kaye’s post to find out more about all the different kinds?

What are you doing for advent this year? Are you looking forward to the holidays? Do let me know by following me on social media, or commenting below.

Advent Calendar Treat Bags

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15 Replies to “Advent Calendar Treat Bags”

  1. Rosie Doal says:

    I think this is a fantastic idea. It’s creative and can be inexpensive at the same time and you get total control of the gift in each window x #BloggerClubUK

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Thank you. I just want to get away from the idea of chocolate but still have a treat.

    1. , says:

      Thank you, hope you have a lovely festive season too! I have a feeling these little bags are going to enter our house traditions.

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Thank you. I’m also going to put them as a hint to finding where the elf is! That way it becomes a bit of a treasure hunt!

  2. Michelle Kellogg says:

    I’ll admit, I’ve never heard of Advent. I’ve heard of the calendars but I just thought that’s what they were called. We don’t really refer to Advent over here in the U.S. Or is some do I don’t know who they are lol. I just learned something new today. Happy Holidays to you and yours!! #BloggerClubUK

  3. Becky, Cuddle Fairy says:

    Aw I love this idea, it turned out so well! I can’t believe it’s Christmas Advent Calendar time already!! Thanks for joining us at #BloggerClubUK

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Thank you. I am sure that they will be really useful for many years to come. E isn’t quite sure what advent is about yet but is loving her daily counting lessons!


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