Add Colour to Your Outdated Apartment

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5 Ways to Add Colour to Your Outdated Apartment



Are you looking for ways to make your apartment brighter and more cheerful? Are the neutral walls and flooring bringing you down? Even if you don’t own the space and can’t make drastic remodeling changes, there are lots of ways you can bring some colour into your space.

The colours around you play into your moods, motivation, and so much more. Making your space more colourful will not only make it inviting to others, but will bring positive effects for you as well.

Keep reading to discover five simple ways you can add some colour to your space. You’ll be surprised by how implementing one, a few, or all of these ideas will give your apartment a dramatic transformation.


Create and Hang a Custom Poster Collage


The first idea will not only add colour to your space, but it can also help you look back on fond memories. Custom photo posters allow you to create a professional-looking wall-hanging using your own photographs. You may choose to create a collage with some of your friends or family members, or you might decide to pick a scenic picture from one of your favourite vacations. Either way, the wall hanging you create is sure to brighten up and liven up your space.

Your poster can be a collage of a few different images, or you can pick one picture that you want to display on its own. They offer a variety of sizes, and you can choose from unframed, framed, or matted and framed options. You can even choose to add text and graphics to your images. Your photos are printed on high-quality archival matte photo paper. This will help ensure that you’ll receive a colourful and vibrant work of art that will stand the test of time.


Bring Nature Indoors


One of the best things about being outside is enjoying all the beautiful and colours plants and flowers. Lucky for you, these natural works of art don’t have to stay outdoors.

Look for plants or flowers that grow well indoors, and purchase some for your space. Some plants and flowers that you can consider include African violets, begonias, crown-of-thorns, peace lilies, jasmine, Christmas cacti, gloxinia, and guppy plants. These can all add colour to your outdated apartment space.


Purchase Colourful Folding Screens


A folding screen can serve two purposes at once: it can help you brighten up your space and it can serve as a divider for a room. You can find folding screens with gorgeous patterns and designs that will become the new focal point in your space.

Plus, the screen will serve a functional purpose. If your desk is in your living room or bedroom, you can use a screen to section off a portion of the space and create yourself a home office.


Hang Curtains


Curtains are another easy way to add some color to your space. Instead of boring white, tan, or gray curtain, look for something that will add a pop to your space. If you are looking to be really bold, you can choose bright curtains. If you’d prefer to be more understated, you can find neutral curtains with a subtle, yet colourful, pattern.


Boring beige apartment


Get a Colourful Rug


You might not be able to replace the drab flooring in your apartment. But there is nothing stopping you from getting a colourful area rug. There are so many different area rug options, that your possibilities are almost endless.

Look for something that has some of your favorite colours in it. You can add some small accents, like throw pillows, to your space to pick up on the colours you like and add even more colour. Consider purchasing an area rug for each main space in your apartment, such as the living space, bedroom, office, and entry way. This will provide you with more colour and more opportunities to add decorative accents


Final Thoughts


As you can see, small modifications can have a big impact on your space. It doesn’t take much to add some colour to your apartment and make it a more enjoyable space to live and entertain. Which idea was your favourite? Pick one and implement it right away to start adding some colour to your apartment!




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