Adapting Your Home To Suit Your Needs

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It’s something we often don’t think about, but as we get older, we start to realise that our lifestyles change. Perhaps the kids have flown the nest, you’ve retired, and your daily way of life has become much more relaxed. So how can you begin adapting your home to suit your needs as this change happens?

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Adapting Your Home To Suit Your Needs


Adapting Your Home To Suit Your Needs


As you get older, it is wise to consider the changes that you may need to make to your lifestyle. You’re really preparing yourself for the inevitable. And then you don’t have the hassle of doing it when you’ve come to the point where you do find yourself struggling.

But what changes are prudent to make? Age UK mobility can help you decide on what adaptation are the best for you. Here are some great ideas.


Downsize If Necessary


Often enough, once the children have left the family home, the house you live in becomes too big to manage for just the two of you or on your own. So downsizing would be a suitable option to help make everything a little easier. You’ll likely save money on your bills, and it’ll take less time to clean. You may also save money on the purchase of a smaller property, which gives you more money to spend on your lifestyle and enjoying life to the fullest.

Explore your options or even consider assisted living at Belmont Village, where you can enjoy a supportive community and tailored services that cater to your evolving needs while embracing a more manageable living arrangement. This also allows you to have access to assistance and care when needed, ensuring your safety and well-being as you age.


Install A Wet Room or Walk In Shower


Baths can often pose a danger, especially deep ones where you need a mini stepladder to climb out of. If you have the funds available, rip out the bathtub and renovate your bathroom into a wet room. A walk-in shower makes everything easier, and you’re less likely to have an accident. You might also want to install a seat later on down the line as this can help if you end up not being able to stand for too long.

Rainforest showers or steam showers are a fantastic feature in a wet room and can feel very spa-like. There are even ones you can get that come with an extra hose!

Not quite ready for a wet room yet? You may want to consider adding a safety bar if you don’t fancy getting rid of the bathtub just yet and it’s a safety precaution for all ages, as bathtubs are known to be slippy.


Think About Additional Care


There may come a time where additional care is needed, and if a care home isn’t for you, then it’s good to at least have some extra help coming in. Whether that’s ordering groceries online for delivery to a friend driving you to your doctors, it’s all part of getting that extra help when needed. There’s also the option of care assistants that can come out to your home if there’s no family or friends available to help out.


Improve Accessibility


There’s plenty of things around the home that can help improve access to your property. Having an electronic bed can help getting up easier, and it is certainly worth thinking about adjusting the height of your bed. Simba have a large variety to choose from. The same goes for electronic armchairs.

Mobility aids for walking are always useful. Or a stairlift might be needed later in life if you still live in a property with a second floor. Or you could add an additional banister to the other side of the staircase to give you more support.


It’s certainly wise to consider adapting your home to suit your needs, particularly if it’s going to be your forever home. And this is where Age Mobility UK have a great number of ideas and products that can help you stay safe, comfortable and most of all independent in your home.


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