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Now that summer is here, we have got the bikes and the scooters out, and are getting out and about a lot more. But with all the fun of getting active comes the danger of more trips, falls, grazes and scrapes. How do we stop these cuts and scratches spoiling the fun? Well here is how your child can adventure fearlessly using Safe And Sound Health’s new range of first aid products that are perfect for when you are on-the-go.

*Disclosure – Ad-sponsored article – Safe and Sound Health kindly gifted us their new range of children’s plasters and first aid products in return for an honest review. All views are our own. See my disclosure policy for more details.

Adventure Fearlessly With The Safe And Sound Health Range



Plasters are definitely a kind of status symbol to our 4 year old. No matter what the cut, graze or even minor indentation, there is no doubt that the addition of a plaster can help bring back a smiling face and thus restore the status quo in our house.

We go through a heck of a lot of plasters as a result. And undoubtedly, the plasters have to have some kind of theme or character. Some of the pacifying nature of the plaster comes from the fact that our little girl can choose which one she wants after a small fall or when she has a small graze.

Nothing helps my little girl get back up to adventure fearlessly more than a choice of a plaster and a quick clean of the wound. So I was keen to try out Safe and Sound health’s new range.

What is more, the whole range come in really compact sizes. So they fit easily into my mum bag which comes out with me everywhere.

On most days out I take out a selection of plasters – just in case!


Trying Out The Products


Antibacterial Hand Foam

I was quite keen to try this, as I’ve never tried a sanitiser foam before. Elizabeth wasn’t too sure at first, but after trying it liked the bubbles over a standard gel formula. 

Before treating any cut or graze, it is important to wash your hands. But sometimes when out on the go there isn’t anywhere to do this. So a product like this hand foam, which kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses is incredibly useful to have in your bag or pocket.

Antibacterial hand foam

It isn’t sticky and rubbed in really quickly. And the handy 50ml sized canister is a great idea for when out and about.


Antibacterial Hand Gel

We use a lot of this on our travels. When out and about it is not always possible to find somewhere to wash your hands with soap and water. I always have some gel in my bag, and the Safe And Sound Health one is a very compact 50ml size. Perfect for your pocket. 

Elizabeth really loved the smell of this hand gel, and much preferred it to our normal brand. The Safe And Sound Health gel smells of cucumber and mint, so is a lovely refreshing scent when compared so some of the strong alcohol scent of the standard ones we normally use. 

Antibacterial hand foam, hand gel and antibacterial spray.

Antiseptic Spray

This is perfect for if you do get a scrape or cut when out and about. This antiseptic spray can help clean the wound before you place a plaster. 

Again, the 100ml spray bottle is the perfect size for slipping in your handbag. And it has a clean and fresh scent that we all loved.

Finally, and probably most importantly, it is gentle and doesn’t sting whilst protecting against bacteria and infection. So it is a definite must have when out on the go!


Kids Fun Plasters


Adventure Fearlessly With Safe And Sound Health

And finally we tried out Safe and Sound Health’s new range of plasters, that have been specially designed for children.

As I said earlier, plasters are very important to my 4 year old. The characters on them are of paramount importance. And it is vital that she get to choose whenever she needs a new plaster.

As such, the new kids range of plasters ticked all the boxes in our house. Each box of 16 plasters had 4 designs.

One box has a mermaid, princess, unicorn and pink dinosaur.

The second box has a rocket, monster, robot and yellow dinosaur.

Elizabeth’s first choice was one of the unicorn plasters. But on another day, she is just as likely to choose the robot plaster from the other box. Her actual words when I showed her the choice were ‘they are brilliant characters’. And she was happy with the way that the plasters are transparent too.

A plaster in situ

The plasters are really flexible and soft. And are washproof, but not totally 100% waterproof, so they will come off in the bath. That is fine by us though. We do have a rule to not wear plasters overnight in bed. I prefer to let a wound breathe overnight.

The plasters are gentle on delicate skin, which is a must when dealing with your little person. And they are hypoallergenic too, so are really useful for my niece, who has a slight allergy so some of the standard ranges of plaster. As with all plasters you just need to make sure that the skin is clean ands dry before applying them.

If I had a tiny criticism, it is that these character plasters only come in a square shape rather than long rectangulars. The square plasters do not wrap well around fingers. However, Safe And Sound Health also do a range of long rectangle plasters, and one box contains a range of funky colours which is bound to please any child. And I don’t know if it was just my batch, but the plasters can be quite tricky to get out of the packaging. Which when you have an independent 4 year old who wants to place their own plaster may cause a little controversy. 

But, all in all, with a combination of all these first aid products, I have no doubt that my little girl will be back on her feet and be able to adventure fearlessly once more.

Which of these first aid products would you find the most useful? And which set of plasters would your child choose? Find the full range over at the Safe And Sound Health website, or at selected retailers.


3 Replies to “Ad | Adventure Fearlessly With The Safe And Sound Health Range”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    What a great range!
    I remember when my two were little, a plaster would fix everything. hehehe The dino one’s are so cute.
    The sanitisers look and sound great too. Very handy to have at the moment x

  2. Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs says:

    This looks like a fab range. We always like to have a supply of anti-bac.
    Aw, I love the plasters. It’s funny how plasters make little ones feel instantly better and especially the ones with dinosaurs on!


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