A Morning Workshop in Ceramics.

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Anyone who knows me knows I love trying new things and being creative. So I was absolutely over the moon when my gorgeous other half booked us a morning workshop in ceramics.

A Morning Workshop In Ceramics

One of our favourite TV programmes in recent years was “The Great Pottery Throw-Down”. What ever happened to it? We loved it as it had all the drama of “The Great British Bake-Off” but with an artistic instead of edible result.

For a while I have been saying that I would love to try using a potter’s wheel. Finally I was going to have the opportunity.

Haworth Main Street


The studio we visited to do the pottery workshop was Werxzovart . This is situated on the main street of the pretty and incredibly picturesque village of Haworth. Howarth is more well known as being the home of the Bronte Sisters. Their parsonage home at the top of the hill is well worth a visit. And the rest of Haworth is a lovely bustling village with a wide variety of shops and cafes.

Sonje Hibbert has been here for several years, and has a wealth of experience and talent in running workshops whilst making some amazing ceramic pieces for sale in her studio.

Getting Started

Sonje introduced us to the type of clay we were using, and explained that there are a vast spectrum of clays available. We were going to be using a stoneware clay.

She showed us techniques to make a slab, a tile of clay with added texture and moulded clay details.   slab making werxovart Andrew slab werxovart

The Potter’s Wheel

Then it was time to use the potter’s wheel. And I can tell you that it is much harder than it looks. We weren’t so much Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in ‘Ghost’, but more like one of the couples from ‘The Generation Game’!

It is a good job we can laugh at ourselves, as we covered the wall with clay! But it was great fun trying to learn a new skill, and having a go at making something worth keeping.

It is best to have short nails, and to keep the clay moist while you work it. I have a true respect now for anyone who masters this skill.

Potter wheel 1 werxovart Potter's wheel 2 werxovart

Painting Our Creations

Finally, we added some colour to our creations with some underglaze colours. We didn’t get to see our creations fired as they needed to dry first. Sonje is going to fire them and then put a clear glaze over our underglazed items.

Painted pot werxovart A morning workshop in ceramics

I cannot wait to show you how they all turn out.

The three hour long session went incredibly quickly, and was lots of fun. I would certainly recommend it to anyone. The session at the time of posting cost £30 each plus the cost of clay. You are charged only for the weight of the clay pieces that you wish to keep. We really enjoyed doing a morning workshop in ceramics. I would love to hear your stories of anything creative that you have done or wish to try. Do comment below. Or follow me on social media.

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    1. Jo Boyne says:

      I would certainly say have a go anyway, it really is so much fun!


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