72 Hour ECG – My Sunday Photo

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This weekend I will be mostly hooked up to a heart monitor. I am having a 72 hour ECG to check my heart out. So this is my Sunday Photo this week.

72 Hour ECG – My Sunday Photo


72 hour ambulatory ECG monitor - a machine that is fitted to monitor heart activity over a 72 hour period

A few months ago I spoke about my strange symptoms of the past year. Last April I started having heart racing, palpitations and chest pains. I wondered whether I’d had the Covid-19 virus. And was I suffering from long covid?

It is impossible to know whether I had the virus last February, but I had a lot of possible symptoms. I had a strange facial rash and irritation, and suffered for a week with headaches that came on suddenly and were excruciating. At the same time I had a mild cough. Everything came and went in the same week. 

Without a test, who knows if my symptoms were covid related? And who knows if the ongoing palpitations and chest pains I get are anything to do with this?

All I know is that my GP doesn’t seem to care that I am suffering. And that no-one can give me any answers. I had a 24 hour ambulatory ECG (like this monitor, but only hooked to me for less than 24 hours) back in September last year but the doctors wanted to discharge me after it!

As well as the monitor, I have been given a diary sheet to document any other symptoms that I suffer whilst I am wearing all the leads! 

And yes, I can shower, but it involves removing all the leads and being ultra careful not to unstick the monitor pads. It’s all a bit fiddly, and a bit hard to sleep with a monitor digging in. I can’t wait to take it off to be honest.

However, hopefully this 72 hour trace will give me a few more ideas as to what is going on. As I know that I cannot go on with all these palpitations and chest pains without any answers!

Darren Coleshill



13 Replies to “72 Hour ECG – My Sunday Photo”

  1. Caz / InvisiblyMe says:

    I reckon 72 hours of not showering would be okay on this occasion, good excuse not to do it
    I’m so sorry your GP is so uncaring. Way too many specialists are like that, and it’s awful because only you know how much you’re struggling and it’s a slap in the face when nobody ‘gets it’ or even wants to try to. I really, really hope this can shed some light on things. I had an at home sleep test on Monday because of my breathing issues so badly affecting the mornings when I get up (or can’t get up, as the case actually is), so tubes and wires and but not to this sort of extent as it was only for a few hours. It’s terrifying when you’re struggling so much to have a test that only looks at a small snapshot of time (of course I didn’t bloody sleep properly, so I think the whole thing might have been a bust!) This being 72 hours should take a little pressure off if you can be as ‘normal’ as possible. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for you lovely. This might be part of getting you some answers. I really do hope so

    Caz xx

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Oh I hope so too Caz. I actually found the ‘specialist’ really condescending, and as someone with 25 years of treating patients myself I thought his attitude sucked. I hoped that I never treated my patients that rudely and dismissively. He even used the words “It’s just”, which I was appalled at. Like what I am suffering is of no issue – well it is to me. I do hope that something is found on this 72 hour trace. Things have improved over the last few months, but even now I still have episodes. They are fewer and further between but it is still an issue.

      I hope that they get to the bottom of your sleep and breathing issues too. xx

      1. Barbara Riley says:

        Your symptoms sound a lot like mine. I was diagnosed with paroxysmal tachycardia after wearing a heart monitor for a week. I now take a beta blocker (atenolol) to slow down my heart rate and it has made a big difference. I hope you get the help you need!

  2. Anne says:

    I hope you get some answers. Have you not been offered the test to see if you did have Covid? I had an ECG like this a couple of years ago but they found nothing. I also had a heart scan and they said my heart is fine. It’s reassuring, but it’s also annoying not knowing why I wake up frequently in the night with my heart pounding. Fingers crossed for some solutions for you and a way to make you feel better.

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      No. van though I have asked several times if this could be a long cover symptom I have never been offered an antibody test. That being said, often antibody tests are inconclusive and particularly after this length of time!

  3. Liberty Henwick says:

    I had Covid back at the beginning of Jan and have a pounding heart most nights when I lie down now, that said I had that on and off last summer too. I had a 24hr test last Oct which came up with nothing and more recently the doc reassured me that it’s a benign condition but it is annoying as it keeps me awake. It could be related to anxiety and stress too, I hope you get some answers soon.

  4. Joanne says:

    I sure hope you get some answers soon! It’s so frustrating to not feel 100% and not know why.

  5. Darren Coleshill says:

    I hope you manage to get some answers and that everything is ok

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  6. Sarah MumofThree World says:

    I hope you get some answers! My dad had a 24 hour test literally this week. He was seriously ill (on a ventilator) with Covid in December, but they picked up the heart issue when he was in hospital with another unrelated condition in November.

  7. chickenruby says:

    So sorry to hear this, I hope the end of the 72 hours has given you some results that the doctors can work with and nothing too serious #mysundayphoto


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