7 Garden Solutions For Eco-Friendly Homeowners

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Growing a beautiful garden doesn’t have to be detrimental to your surroundings. And there are many ways you can bring your garden to life without risking the environment. Here are 7 garden solutions for eco-friendly homeowners that you may wish to consider.

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7 Garden Solutions For Eco-Friendly Homeowners


7 Garden Solutions For Eco-Friendly Homeowners

Every homeowner wants the perfect garden, but how can you have a green paradise while still being eco-friendly? Between the chemicals in pest control sprays and overwatering, your dreams of a lush garden can be harmful to the environment. But in our guide, we’ll help you create the ideal eco-friendly garden of your dreams.




The name xeriscaping comes from the Greek word xeros, which means dry. Xeriscaping became a landscaping practice in the 1980s and was designed for dry, arid, and drought conditions. This landscaping practice has been growing in popularity over the years as it offers an eco-friendly solution for using less water while creating a beautiful garden space. Xeriscaping focuses on conserving water with slow-growing plants that love dry conditions; these plants are perfect for the environmentally conscious. As they’re low maintenance, it means these plants don’t need much care in order to thrive. Which is equally beneficial for people with busy family lives. 


Part of ensuring your xeriscaping is successful is proper water management. In order to do this, your topsoil needs to have water-retaining properties, so the correct amount of water is available regardless of the weather. In addition, for efficient irrigation, place plants around your garden that have the same water requirements for a spectacular outdoor space that is also eco-friendly. 


Log Cabins


Log cabins are the perfect alternative for your garden shed, summer house, gym or even outdoor office. They are made from naturally available resources. And do not contain the typical synthetic material such as plastic, chemicals or any other harmful materials that are typically found in most modern-day garden structures. Due to their design, the requirement for heating and cooling is significantly reduced. This helps with energy consumption, and will ultimately lower your carbon footprint, especially if you are using your log cabin for more than storage. If you’re looking for more information about these fantastic additions to your garden, head over to Buy Sheds Direct to invest in a log cabin, where you can find the perfect structure to suit your eco-friendly needs. 

7 Garden Solutions For Eco-Friendly Homeowners

Native Plants


Many people want exotic plants for their gardens to wow their guests. But native plants can be equally beautiful and perfect for people concerned about the environment. Native trees and plants are highly beneficial for the local wildlife. As they are acclimated to the climate and rainfall pattern, they require little maintenance, reducing the need for watering and fertilisers. Native plants are also resistant to pests and disease, which means you don’t need harmful pest control sprays; this means they are not only easy and inexpensive to maintain but also environmentally friendly.


Green Roof


Eco-friendly solutions are limited to your garden; instead of having a conventional roof, you could significantly reduce your energy consumption and bills with a green roof. However, a green roof won’t only benefit your home; it will extend your garden space with lush vegetation. Which will also reduce water runoff while serving as a safe haven for birds.


Living Walls


Living walls, also known as green walls, will turn your outdoor landscape into a secret garden by turning the barriers around your garden into a garden of its own. You will be able to grow your own herbs and flowers on this living wall easily. Whilst also reducing the need to maintenance fencing with paint and chemicals that are harsh to the environment. This eco-friendly solution is more than an area you can grow plants; it will keep your garden space warmer. This in turn reduces the care your plants will need in colder months. And will thus improve the appearance of your outdoor space.


Solar Lighting


Lighting can add a wonderful aesthetic to a garden. But it can also increase your energy consumption which impacts the environment. In the past, solar lights were seen as ineffective in providing light to a garden space. But in today’s modern world, technology has evolved. You no longer need waterproof, battery-powered lights that require charging to illuminate your greenery. Solar lights can add a touch of magic while providing the ideal eco-friendly solution. Especially if you choose ones that come with motion sensors.

7 Garden Solutions For Eco-Friendly Homeowners



Composting has grown in popularity over the years as people have become more environmentally conscious. Not only does composting reduce waste, but it is an excellent source of free fertiliser for your plants


Find an area in your garden that you can place a composting bin with a lid to keep out pests to get started. Then begin adding a mixture of household and garden waste such as vegetables, fruit, scraps, wood shavings, weeds, and old newspapers. This provides the perfect environment for compost-making bugs. After six to nine months, you will be left with rich and nutritious compost ready to use in your garden. This solution provides an eco-friendly solution to your garden that benefits your household by reducing the amount of waste you need to throw away.  

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