6 ways to refresh your bedroom for summer

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Updating your bedroom for the summer months, doesn’t have to be expensive, and you won’t have to call a decorating team in either! All you’re going to need is a little time, patience and some imagination! Read on for 6 ways to refresh your bedroom for summer. Enjoy!


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6 ways to refresh your bedroom for summer

We all switch up our wardrobes for the summer, so why should our bedrooms be any different? I’m a strong believer that or bedrooms should serve not just as somewhere to sleep for the night, but also somewhere we can relax and unwind, somewhere we can reflect on our day, be intimate with our partners, and somewhere we can feel safe.

Update those skirting boards

This one might sound a little specific, but there’s a good reason for it! Your skirting boards serve as a way of hiding the connection between the walls and floor in your room, they also protect the walls from furniture damage, and they can also make any room look more aesthetically pleasing. If your skirting boards are looking a little worse for wear then you can always replace them entirely – check out skirtings r us for the latest in skirting board styles and installation advice – or you can repaint them with a high quality gloss paint. You’ll be amazed at how fresh your room looks, simply by updating your skirting boards! 

Switch your duvet for a lighter summer one

Summer means hot, sticky nights. And the last thing you want to be doing is kicking the duvet off constantly because it’s making you too hot. Switch your winter duvet for a much lighter one – we recommend a tog between 1-7. And get rid of those old pillows and treat yourself to some new ones instead!

Update your bedding

Now you have your new duvet and pillows, you can invest in some summer friendly bed linen, opt for cotton sheets, which can help keep you cool in the warmer months, they also look fresh and wick away sweat which means you’ll be cooler for longer. Try cool colours like pale blues, and lavenders alternatively, crisp white linen is also very popular!


Adding a guest bed with trundle to the bedroom is an easy way to give it a fresh look for summer. This piece of furniture facilitates overnight guests, while also providing an extra layer of style and comfort. Consider updating your bedding with vibrant colors and cosy textures for the season. Think earthy tones or something fun like pops of pink and yellow against white linens – whatever you choose, adding this guest bed along with the right sheets and comforter will help create a stylish yet inviting bedroom ready for summer.

A room scent

The smell of fresh linen, lavender and camomile, even vanilla. They say that scent plays a huge factor in your ability to relax and unwind. So treat yourself to new diffuser or even a room spray to really give your room a fresh feel.


When you’re trying to relax, clutter is the enemy. It’s stressful, unpleasant and just looks dreadful! Go through your bedroom clutter and remove anything that doesn’t belong. Mugs, cups, your laptop, printer, piles of dirty or clean laundry, the kids toys etc. Banish it all! Keep all your surfaces clear apart from a few favourites and your bedtime essentials.

Introduce a little greenery

Summer is all about spending time outdoors, so why not bring some of that indoors, as well? Having a house plant in your room will make it look and feel instantly fresher. House plants also reduce toxins and purify the air around us, so they’re good for you!


*this is a collaborative post*


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