6 Simple Tips For Healthy Ageing

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January is the perfect time to set yourself some new goals. Whether it’s in your work life, social life or something as simple as spending more time with your family. As we become older, prioritizing our health becomes increasingly important. Our minds and bodies don’t always operate as they once did, so it’s useful to give them a little boost here and there if we can! Here are 6 simple tips for healthy ageing.

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6 Simple Tips For Healthy Ageing



1 . Challenge your brain


As we age, our cognitive health can decline which can cause problems with our memory or ability to complete daily tasks independently. To keep our brains healthy, it’s vital to challenge ourselves and invest our time in brain training exercises. Whether it’s a game of chess, a good book or trying a new language app, try to practice at least one task daily to give your brain a challenge. There are plenty of fun games aimed at brain training to be found online or via apps. 


2. Stay Active


As we get older, those activities we used to find easy can often become slightly more of a challenge. Despite reduced mobility, it’s important to stay active. Failing to do so will only worsen the stiffness of joints or muscles overtime. Something as simple as a gentle walk or a few yoga stretches a day are all you need. Making adjustments to the home can help you to stay active ongoing. Adjustments such as short-rise vertical wheelchair access, elevators or simple stairlifts can all help to keep your independence around the home.

3 . Reduce Stress


Stress impacts greatly on both our physical and mental health. On-going stress can have negative effects on cardiovascular health and the nervous system. With this in mind, it’s important to reduce stress as much as possible. We all have our different ways to keep calm and relax. It’s just all about finding coping mechanisms that work best for you personally. For some, meditation is a viable option, for others it’s building a close group of friends. You may also find solace in gentle exercises like swimming or Pilates.


4. Clean Eating


Avoiding foods causing celluliteprocessed junk foods full of chemicals and supplementing with vitamin D can do wonders for boosting your immune system and keeping your body healthy. A diet that’s high in raw vegetables is praised by many as an excellent choice. Raw food diets are based on the idea that when we cook a vegetable, some of the nutrients and enzymes are lost in the process. Raw food enthusiasts have often reported that the diet results in increased energy levels, plus clearer skin and weight loss! Sticking to a diet can be challenging at times, (yet perseverance gets results)!


5 . Regular Check-Ups


Keeping on-top of your regular health check-ups is increasingly important as you age. From regular blood tests and blood pressure to simple dental checks, spotting underlying issues early is far better. It will help to find out all the possible illnesses that may occur with age. For example, if blood tests prove that you have iron deficiency, your doctor will recommend taking an iron infusion or other iron supplements.

It can be useful to keep track of your health checks in your diary or set reminders on your phone. Doing so will make it easier to plan your next GP appointment.


6. A Support Network


Lastly, a solid support network is crucial for your mental health. Ensure that you keep up with friends and family as much as you can. It can also be healthy to join social groups in your community whether it’s for a sports or craft- based hobby.




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