Winter Destinations for Solo Travellers

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Did you know that being single has a terrible connotation? Singletons get a bad rep everywhere and are criticised for not being in a relationship, which seems to imply that anybody who’s bae-less becomes a lesser being automatically. This has to stop! The National Single Day in the UK is not until February, 15th, so in the meantime, we all need to show some love for those who are strong enough to fend for themselves alone.

Most holiday plans discussed on websites tend to focus on couples or family bookings. This can leave you single ladies and single lads feeling isolated. But here’s a little list of the top winter destinations for solo travellers – which are also ideal if you want to escape without your other half – to inspire you.

Winter Destinations for Solo Travellers


The theme of the list is winter sun. Now is the best time to head to a sunny country. Especially when you wake up at night and find yourself driving back from work in the dark every day. Boost your vitamin D – it’s the vitamin that your body generates when it’s in direct sunlight exposure – for the winter:

5 Winter Destinations for Solo Travellers - Rio
Rio Carnival


Cape Verde, only 6 hours away from Gatwick

For anybody who feels tearful at the idea that you’ll have to wait another year before the next summer, you need to book a beach adventure before the depth of winter affects you. There are, of course, plenty of sunny spots around the Med, but for a real dose of sun, you want to head south to Cape Verde, the heavenly group of islands of the west coast of Africa. It’s only a 6-hour-long flight to get there, and there’s no risk of jet lag. It’s only one hour earlier there. If it’s your first time travelling on your own – with a partner or a friend – you can join a friendly tour operator such as Friendship Travel, which lets you organise your holiday as you please. Besides, as you’re part of a group with a host, you don’t have to worry about getting lost during your visits.

5 Winter Destinations for Solo Travellers - cape verde
Cape Verde


Embrace the beauty of Kuala Lumpur

More and more travellers are taken away by the cultural richness and diversity of Malaysia. It’s a country that has been heavily influenced by Arabic, Chinese, Indian and British immigration. Fully multi-ethnic and multilingual, Malaysia’s society offers an insight into the whole of Asia. Kuala Lumpur, its capital city, is famous for the Petronas Twin Towers which were built by different contractors.

Aside from its incredible landscapes and rich multicultural ambience, you’ll get to dive at the heart of Malaysia’s magic only by living like a local – you can find a cosy little studio for rent in KL for singles which will give you a completely different experience than staying in a hotel or at a resort. Malaysia is often described as the amalgam of Asian cultures, with influences from Indian, China and Singapore to name but a view. For anyone who wants a tour of Asia but doesn’t have the budget for a trip across the continent, KL is the place to go!


Never heard of Ischgl? The land of apres-ski parties

Why should winter sun mean beach only? If you don’t want to miss the first snow, you should head to one of the friendliest ski resort for singles, Ischgl. Located on the Austrian side of the Alps, Ischgl is an epic Tyrol’s adventure at over 2,800 metres of elevation. Needless to say, you’ll come back with a healthy tan – do make sure to pack sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. If you’re naturally pale, you should aim for 50 because the Alpine sun can be very hot even in winter. Ischgl offers a variety of friendly bars and restaurants that welcome holidaymakers for an apres-ski drink or meal every day. You’ll get to make friends too!

5 Winter Destinations for Solo Travellers
Ischgl in Winter


Stop everything and meet a lemur in Madagascar

Madagascar is a lost paradise for wildlife. You can stay at the private reserve of Anjajavy, where you’ll get to see lemurs in the wild sunbathing in the early morning sun. is home to over 800 animal species, most of them friendly as they’re not afraid of a human presence.


Join a tour destination Rio!

Last, but not least, there’s still time to celebrate the end of winter with a bang at the Rio carnival. You can book your trip for early March to take part in this vibrant and colourful event. Pack your best ABBA costume; you’ll need all the stress you can find to join the party!


Beach, party, culture, safari or ski, which winter sun holiday takes you fancy? Solo travellers have thankfully plenty of choices to make the most of the cold months. Prove all those who say that you can’t have fun when you travel on your own wrong!


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