5 Things to DIY: From Clutter To Cutie

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From Clutter to Cutie: 5 Things to DIY


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels


Doing DIY comes with the feeling of genuine pleasure that cannot easily be imitated by other things. It is one of the many activities that people do not for money, but to experience joy in ordinary objects.


While being in a craft mission, one should carefully select materials that are necessary to produce. The best idea would be to use inexpensive materials for creating polished-looking items that look like they can be displayed on shelves or inside glass cabinets of stores.


This is the charm and ultimate goal of DIY—adding value to something worth noticing. There are many items one can use at home:


  • Scrap fabric
  • Empty glass jars
  • Old pieces of wood
  • Everything that has a recycling potential


Today may be the time to take creative steps and go wild with one’s imagination with these 5 things to DIY projects.

Steal the Show with Homemade Costumes


Children in costumes

Photographed by Connor Baker via Unsplash


Instead of purchasing an overly expensive costume for a onetime use, it is better to craft one at home using fabrics and materials that are cluttering the storage. Costumes are already as fun as they can be, whether one is hoping to transform into a celebrity, someone from a favorite book, or an admired Disney character.


If you’re thinking of using the costume for Halloween, it may not always be the best idea to turn up as a ghost. Take the risk this time. Try grabbing a friend in the process of making a homemade costume for a duo ensemble.


Be in character, but more importantly, have fun!


Earn Some Bucks with Coloured-Pencil Coasters


Coloured pencils

Photographed by Kelli Tungay via Unsplash


One can surely spot old coloured pencils lying around at home randomly. Instead of throwing these away, why not transform the clutter into something more cute and useful?


Easily craft rainbow coasters that can be taken out on different occasions. To assemble, grab a few cork disks, and then fill them up by hot-gluing chopped coloured pencils of equal sizes. This is a simple DIY craft project that parents can even do with their children on weekends.


The best part? It’s the kind of item that can have potential buyers for its uniqueness. Sell this homemade item online by telling friends and family about it or setting up an online store. Customers will be happy to use these as gifts or home decors.

Add Calmness with Mason Jar Candles


Mason jar candle

Photographed by Joshua Reddeko via Unsplash


Many have submitted to the irresistible charm of collecting candles. However, shopping for candles can be expensive, so take out the mason jars, and better make these candles by hand. Not only are they inexpensive, but DIY candles also allow more room for customisation.


To do this, pour melted wax into a clear mason jar or any transparent glass container, add custom scents and wicks, and that’s it. Oh, don’t forget to add labels to achieve that pro look too.

Use them to add a calm ambience in a room, or wrap them in fancy packaging to give to a candle lover or connoisseur.

Turn Old Bottles into Ombré Painted Vases


Flower Vases

Photographed by Maarten Deckers via Unsplash


Who said ombré is not anymore a trend? The deliberately faded look of ombré still can be an adorable and enchanting addition to home decor and even weddings. Repurpose old bottles, and colour them warm tones by injecting paint inside.


Make sure to keep on rotating the bottles until the paint sticks well, concealing the entire inside area. The next and final step would be to drop one’s flower picks in the bottle vases to let them do their magic.


There can never be a dull corner with these ombré painted ornaments.

Make It Homey with Easter-Egg Planters


Easter Egg Planters - 5 things to DIY

Photographed by Ashley Edwards via Unsplash


Putting plants inside the house is a great way to bring a natural vibe to any modern home. In addition to that, mini planters made of Easter eggs can make the best housewarming gifts too.


To do this, repurpose bigger Easter eggs, separate them into halves, and use a gold leaf marker to line around the opening. Next, fill each cup with potting soil, and then add succulents or any plants that can fit in these.


To make the most of this project, one can even use hexagonal marble tiles for that extra flair.



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