5 Reasons to Invest in Winter Tyres

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Winter tyres might not be for everyone but buying them can certainly make sense if you are out and about on the road a lot during the winter months. It isn’t just delivery drivers and those who live in exposed places like the Yorkshire Dales or the Hebrides who can benefit from them, either. If you commute by car to London from the home counties or even drive from London to other cities in the UK for work, winter tyres can make a big difference to the efficient running of your car. As soon as the first hard frost hits, why should you think about fitting them? Here are 5 reasons to invest in winter tyres.

Read on to find out.

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5 Reasons to Invest in Winter Tyres

reasons to invest in winter tyres

1. They Wear Down Less in Winter


Perhaps the biggest benefit of winter tyres is that the compounds they are made from are designed for colder, harsher weather conditions. If you continue to drive on your standard set of tyres, then you will end up wearing the tread down faster in winter. So-called summer tyres still work in the winter months. But the rate of wear typically goes up compared to when they’re running at their optimal temperature ranges. In other words, you’ll end up saving your tread and giving your tyres a longer life by changing them in the winter, ultimately saving you money.


2. Fitting Them Isn’t Time-Consuming


It isn’t just money but time you can save with winter tyres. Selecting a set and having them fitted for you can be done online to save time. Then, all you need to do is to book an appointment to have them fitted for you at your local tyre fitter. Note that you can buy your winter tyres from DAT Tyres – they offer professional fitting at their local branches in London (Kensal Green, Harlesden & Hammersmith). If you have a spare set of wheel hubs, then you can jack your car up and change them over yourself one at a time, too.


3. They Offer Better Grip and Performance in Sub-Zero Temperatures


Winter tyres are a good financial investment because they mean being able to control your car better even when driving on ice. Summer tyres degrade and aren’t hard enough in cold weather. But winter tyres offer better grip. Not only does improved traction help with driving but it also means being able to stop and swerve. This is important if you wish to avoid incidents and potential insurance claims. Plus not to mention bodywork repair bills.


4. They Can Be Replaced in Spring


Whether you live in Cardiff, Canterbury, Castleford or Cambridge, winter tyres only need to be used until the temperatures start to rise again. The further north you live, the longer you’ll need to keep running them. The same goes for people who live on high ground. Inclement weather and the chances of late spring frosts are greater in such locations. That said, you won’t need to keep them on when spring finally returns. Instead you’ll be able to revert to your old summer tyres. These will offer better performance for the rest of the year.


5. You Can Use Them Again


Some people think that winter tyres aren’t worth the outlay. Mainly because they’ll come off in March or April and never be used again. However, this simply isn’t the case. So long as you haven’t damaged them or worn down the tread excessively, you will be able to fit them again next autumn. Just in time for the next expected temperature drop. This way, you’ll obtain several years of use – depending on the number of miles you drive, of course – providing even better value for money.

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