5 Holiday Destinations Close To The Sea

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Can you remember your last swim in the ocean? When the sun is beating down upon your back and you’re living your best holiday life away from the drizzly UK, nothing beats a swim in the sea. If you’re planning the next chance you can go paddling in the dreamy Adriatic or the unforgettable Med, here are five of our favourite holiday destinations close to the sea.

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5 Holiday Destinations Close To The Sea



While your first thought of swimming in Spain might have been splashing about in the Mediterranean, you can find beaches that are just as breathtaking – and far quieter – up in the North of the country in the Costa Brava. Here you can swap overcrowded tourist hotspots with hidden beaches tucked away into small coves. And let’s not forget trying some authentic Spanish cuisine…

The Maldives

An authentic tropical paradise straight from every ocean baby’s dream, you’ll have to tell yourself each day that The Maldives really hasn’t been photoshopped! Lose yourself in turquoise waters and sugar-white beaches, with each resort hotel located on its own private island. It doesn’t really get much better than this.


In true Mamma Mia style, Greece is a major hotspot for some serious ocean time. The best part about the country? It caters for every type of holidaymaker. For those who just want to sit back and sun themselves on the sands, Crete and Rhodes are both great options. The best beaches for families can be found in Lefkada. Looking for a party as well? Mykonos and Paros will be right up your street.


Ah, Croatia. Home of pretty much everything beautiful in Central Europe. With a variety of different seaside’s to choose from, you’ll be hard-pressed to know exactly where to start in this gorgeous country. Why not try the beaches on the south side of Brac, home to the Zlatni Rat or Golden Cape? As well as jumping into the crystal-clear Adriatic, holiday-goers also love walking in Croatia and exploring the different islands on foot. After all, they’ve certainly got the weather for it.


And sometimes, it really is worth flying halfway around the world for some breath taking beach time. Apart from Alaska, Florida has more coastline than any other state in the USA. So great are these beaches that those found on the Gulf Coast are often sold as an add-on to an Orlando package holiday – meaning you can truly enjoy everything that this crazy country has to offer.

Dreaming of the next chance you can dive deep into some blue waters? Reminiscing about the last time you felt wet sand between your toes? Don’t miss these five great suggestions for holiday destinations close to the sea. Just remember to pack your goggles!

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