4 Wedding Planning Tips To Help You Get Started

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Planning your wedding is no mean feat. Experts suggest a timeline of around 12 to 18 months is required to get all the plans in place; however, it doesn’t always need to take that long. For some people, if they don’t require any of the fuss of a typical wedding day and just want to sign the papers after a quick ceremony, planning can literally take days. But on average, most people allow around a year to get into the details of planning a wedding around their life. If this is where you are now, these wedding planning tips can help you to plan the perfect wedding.

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4 Wedding Planning Tips To Help You Get Started


The Budget and Who Is Paying

First things first, you need to be realistic about what you can afford to spend on a wedding. Remember, you don’t need to spend thousands on a wedding, and the average cost in the UK is £18,400. But you need a budget set aside for what you can realistically afford to pay.


From here, you need to determine where the funds are coming from. Will you and your spouse be paying yourself? If so, how will you find the money, and how long will it take you to save up? If either or both sets of parents are paying for contributing, you need to find out their limits or how much they are giving you to pay for the wedding. This is so you can distribute the money evenly between everything you need to pay for.


Set The Date and Book Your Venue

Next, you need to set the date. This can be a date when you project to be able to afford everything. Thus, if you don’t have all the money upfront, you pay deposits now and then save towards the entire cost and final payment closer to the time. Or it can be that you want to get married in a particular month or season. Or have a special date in mind that works for you.


Once you have an idea of the date you want to marry, you can look at wedding venues that can accommodate the chosen date. Or if you have an ideal wedding venue in mind, you can pick your date around their availability. Some highly sought-after wedding venues might be booked months or even years in advance. This gives you plenty of time to save up to pay for your location.


Choose A Theme

Next, you can look at the theme you want for your big day. Using resources such as Pinterest, wedding magazines, websites, and blogs can help you to identify a theme. As can browsing wedding-based social media accounts or talking to friends and family about what they like or think will work for you.


List Your Suppliers

Next, it’s a good idea to list all the suppliers you think you will need to help you plan your wedding and pull it together. This includes suppliers such as florists, entertainment, caterers, hair and beauty, photographers and videographers, and decor suppliers, to name a few. You might also want to consider hiring Thomas Bui wedding planners to assist you with your wedding preparations.

Then, you need to look for where you will get your wedding attire and whose outfits you will pay for. Are you paying for the entire bridal party or just the bride and groom? This will help you to decide who to go for based on available budgets.

There are many things that go into planning a wedding, and these wedding planning tips are most definitely some of the things you should be thinking about to help you get started putting plans into place.


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