4 Ways to Live More Sustainably

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This article will explore some of the easiest ways you can start living life in a more eco-friendly manner. Here are some ways to live more sustainably.

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4 Ways to Live More Sustainably


Sustainable living has multiple benefits for you and your family. Not only is it fantastic for the environment, but it’s also going to save you a lot of money. With this in mind, why would you not attempt to do it? But you may be wondering, where do you begin? This article will explore some of the easiest ways you can start living life in a more eco-friendly manner.


Sustainable living often starts in the kitchen. This is because you can easily make a huge impact when it comes to what you cook and eat. Start by trying to source locally produced food where possible. This has a lower carbon footprint as it has not had to travel.

In addition, look at the packaging of products and try to only purchase items that aren’t using lots of unnecessary plastics. A great example of this is fruit and vegetables. Fruit can be placed into a paper bag and bought separately at some supermarkets and most farm shops. However, some providers bag them into a plastic bag. Whilst the bag might be recyclable, it is unnecessary packaging.

Once you have made these changes. You can also switch to more environmentally friendly storage options, for example, reusable silicone freezer bags instead of disposable plastic bags. The next step is to look at how you can reduce food wastage. This includes using your leftovers in secondary dishes, or batch cooking and freezing so you have healthy, nutritious ready meals whenever you need them with zero wastage. Batch cooking saves money as you can buy ingredients in bulk which is cheaper than individual items.


Recycling has become a huge part of our lives in Britain — largely down to the fact that we now only have general refuse collection every other week and recycling collection in place of it. But our recycling rates are still very low in comparison to other places in Europe.

There are lots more ways to recycle than just putting out your cardboard and plastics every week. Ensuring you switch from single use bags to bags for life in the supermarket is one way, and you can even use some of your takeaway plastic containers for storage in your home instead of throwing them away.

making a rag rug - jersey clothes pile

You can go a step further than this by recycling clothes; most minor issues with clothes can be easily mended and continue to be worn for many years to come. This is a fantastic way to save money whilst recycling. If you get bored of your wardrobe, don’t throw them away. Instead, sell them on sites like Vinted and use the money to purchase from the same site. This way, the “throw-away” fashion trend that has been causing issues for landfills is going to be reduced, and you’re going to be getting new clothes at no cost!

Around the Home

In the home, you should try and look for ways to save gas and electricity. Turn off lights and appliances wherever possible and try and take a shower instead of a bath which uses less water. If you have very young children, bath them together instead of separately.

You can also opt for a smart meter which will let you see when your usage is high. This will allow you to adjust your practices accordingly.


Taking public transport instead of a car is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint; however, it isn’t always convenient when you have a family. With this in mind, it is worth considering an electric vehicle. Electric cars will save you substantially in terms of running costs. Road tax is usually zero and it costs less to charge a car for a mile than the fuel would. They are also much better for the environment.

The only real downside is the initial outlay as they can be expensive. However, electric car leasing is also available so if you think it’s a viable option then you could also look into this. If you are unsure whether an electric vehicle is a good fit for you then head over to the ElectriX site and take their questionnaire. You can fill in your answers here, and this will help you decide whether or not an electric vehicle is something you should be considering.

There are affordable insurance quotes specially for electric vehicles online, so this is also a great place to save money on transport. In addition to this, the government can help you get a charging point fitted at home if you do decide to go down this route.

Hope you have found these tips on ways to live more sustainably useful. Living a more eco-friendly life is not only going to help the environment, but it will also mean you will save money. Making a few simple changes to your everyday living can go a long way.

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