4 Industries Going Green Effectively

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If the last few years have taught us anything it’s that we can’t take our world for granted anymore. The strides we’re trying to make as humans to counteract climate change and live cleaner, healthier lives will not only benefit us but all the generations that come after we do. Industry has its part to play. Many of the items we consume or use as part of our daily lives are made in factories or construction sites. And these have to adhere to much stricter principles of sustainability than ever before. Here are 4 of the industries that are going greener effectively.

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Four Industries That Are Going Green

Four Industries Going Green

Electrified Machinery Industry


The electrified machinery industry is our first example. In recent times you’ll have noticed the drive (pardon the pun) to get us to invest in electric vehicles and electric vehicle technology for our daily lives.

Within industry, the same thing is happening. And as such heavy machinery and tools are becoming electrified and more automated. Plus they are making use of technology such as precast dock levellers to help move goods around seamlessly. This results in using less energy and resources.

Rising demand for electrified heavy equipment will help to reduce the environmental impact of many different industries all around the world. It will also create growth opportunities for equipment suppliers. And more jobs and more chances to increase knowledge of sustainability.


Outdoor Living Industry

The next industry is the outdoor living industry. This is a bit of a catch-all term but involves any of the businesses and groups who are involved in promoting anything to do with outdoor living. From garden centres to outdoor clothing manufacturers – even home renovation companies.

Whether it’s fleece wear made from recycled plastic bottles, or organic weed killers that won’t harm bees or other insects, the leaps and bounds that have been made are spectacular.

Sustainable Packaging Industry

The use of virgin plastics that often end up in landfill after a single use has been a particular concern in recent times. Thus the industries that create and manufacture packaging have had to think on their feet about ways to make their products more sustainable and worthwhile.

Switching to paper packaging that can easily be recycled is one method. As is experimenting with sustainable fibres such as bamboo. Undoubtedly, the desired objective is to create recyclable or reusable packaging that can either be thoughtfully disposed of or repurposed.

One to watch over the next few years is sugarcane. It’s being trialled and used in beauty and cosmetic product packaging at the moment and has seen favourable results.

Premium Food Industry


Finally, the premium food industry has had to row back on many of the practices it’s used in past decades. This is as consumers become increasingly concerned about animal welfare and the effect of carbon emissions on the environment.

As such, food producers are levelling up their green credentials by offering fair trade options on many of their successful brands.

One area in which food producers are excelling is in meatless protein options. As people become more aware of their need to eat less meat, plant-based alternatives are rising in popularity. This has meant a very rapid rise in sales and a very pleasing reduction in carbon footprint.



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