Eco Friendly Jewelry Packaging Ideas

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Are you looking for a more sustainable jewelry packaging idea? If you’re looking to or are already engaging in jewellery sale or manufacturing, in this post are some of the best eco friendly jewelry packaging ideas for your products. Whether you need a custom jewelry box, gift box or jewelry pouch, the price of packaging jewelry need not cost the earth. In fact it could even be free. Read on to find out how. 

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Eco Friendly Jewelry Packaging Ideas 

Jewellery sales will always be on the rise. The world of selling jewellery is also growing by the day. People are creating eco-friendly jewellery, customised jewellery options and many other types of jewellery. This expansion is evident in the number of people who wear jewellery, an increase in the number of piercings people get and the vast expansion of the jewellery retail industry.

People love to shop for personal items such as a handmade sustainable jewelry item. And with this comes a demand for more sustainable packaging, and more luxury jewellery packaging ideas. 

With jewellery, retailers are continually looking for ways to contribute positively to the environment through their sales. One of these ways is eco friendly packaging for jewellery. Are you looking for some packaging for jewelry business ideas? Here are some of the best ideas that will make your small business stand out from the crowd and give your brand the wow factor when someone opens your jewellery package.

Recycled Jewelry Boxes

How many times have you received a jewellery item just to leave the box in a cupboard somewhere? There are millions of old unused jewelry boxes out there in the world. So why not ask on free local groups and Facebook whether people would be willing to give some away?

Also look out on marketplace sites for the same, as old jewellery boxes are often very cheap or even free there too. By packaging earrings or other earth friendly jewelry in an old earring box or bracelet case you are delivering the most eco friendly jewelry boxes for your products. 

Use Recycled Cardboard

Next on your jewelry packaging supplies could be cardboard jewelry mailers.

Sometimes you get a really exciting gift. And out of your excitement, you end up throwing the box that comes with it away. Here’s an alternative – keep these cardboard boxes that were used for your gifts and recycle it into new packaging. It is the ultimate biodegradable jewelry packaging idea.

Boxes could more easily be customised compared to other materials like plastics. The next time you get a gift make sure you keep the box. And perhaps you may find a use for it later on, like eco jewellery packaging, or custom business/thank you cards.

You could take the box of your new video console, your new phone, your new computer mouse, your new diffuser, or anything else that comes with a box and use it to pack your jewellery. You could customise these boxes or change their outer colours using paints and various other art products.

My own personal favourite way to make an eco friendly jewellery box for earring or necklace packaging is to upcycle an old greeting card.

Furthermore, stores like Packaging World and many others allow you to purchase cardboard boxes in bulk and use them for your business. Cardboard is considered one of the most eco-friendly packaging materials. And you could invest in purchasing them as packaging for your jewellery.

Use Recycled Or Biodegradable Plastic Bags

Next of the jewellery packaging materials you should consider is to reuse or recycle old plastic bags, or to use biodegradable plastic.

When you purchase a new item online, it often comes in a small sealed plastic bag. The same when you buy from a store, sometimes they offer you plastic bags when you check out. When you get home and you finish unpacking your new items, your first instinct could be to throw the plastic bags too. 

Most plastics aren’t good for the environment, so you should consider using them again and again.

Designate a drawer or cupboard for used plastics and use them again for packaging your jewellery. They are particularly useful for packaging for necklaces to stop them tangling. If you want to be different, you could customise your plastics and create some designs on the bags. 

You could also cut the plastic to create smaller DIY bags. There are numerous video tutorials online of how to change plastic bags into really interesting bags.

Furthermore, some stores sell biodegradable plastic bags. And you could purchase these in bulk and use them for your eco friendly jewellery packaging. 

Using biodegradable plastic bags is considered as one solution to plastic pollution in the world.  Usually, these biodegradable plastics are made from recycled material, which is also relatively eco-friendly.

Recycled Paper

Paper is also a brilliant eco friendly packaging for jewelry idea. With paper straws and paper bags at the forefront, it’s clear that using recycled paper bags or just paper is environmentally friendly.

With most purchases online these days, packaging may consist of screwed up brown kraft paper or ribbed paper. I often iron the flat type of paper and print to use as wrapping paper. If it is too ripped, you could consider pulping it to make seed paper cards that also could be a cute free gift as part of your standout sustainable packaging design.

Paper is ideal for packaging purposes. You could learn how to create your own paper bags using various tutorials online. With step-by-step guides on how you can transform the necessary recycled material to create these paper bags.

Paper bags are also available for sale in various stores. You could buy them in bulk and then use them to package your jewellery. The most common paper bags are brown paper bags. They’re biodegradable and made from 100% recycled material. 

Additionally, paper bags could be customised. Why not use various art materials to give them character and make them unique to your jewellery business? 


Use Reusable Bags

This is one of my own personal favourites, as I think that small customised drawstring bags make the most unique jewelry packaging. 

The use of reusable bags is also growing in the world. People are walking into grocery stores and clothing stores with reusable bags, in support of moving away from plastic bags. They’re easy to wash and could be used for a long time.

If you’re relatively good at sewing or knitting, you could create your own reusable bags at home. You could also explore various designs and patterns and customise them. 

You could also use fabric paint to add colour to them or draw your logo by hand. This might take a lot of work, but most customers appreciate anything handmade.

Be Eco Friendly

Eco friendly

I hope that you have found this article on how to make your packaging sustainable to be helpful. Eco friendly packaging for jewelry is a must have if you wish to appeal to a large audience today. People are definitely demanding that businesses are conscious of the environmental cost of their choices. 

 Using these eco-friendly packaging ideas is one of these little things. Make your jewellery packaging eco-friendly, and you’d have taken a step toward being actively helpful to the environment.

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