3 Ways to Increase Instagram Comments for a Travel Blog

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Travel Instagram accounts have become an integral part of the platform, which attracts the lion’s share of users. Beautiful photos from different parts of the world, breathtaking short videos and amazing travel stories – this is what a modern community of travel lovers looks like. It may seem that this is just one of the ways to find like-minded people and share with them impressions, tips or stories about the upcoming trip. But in fact, a powerful Insta page in the modern world is a real business. 

The authors are awarded the title of influencers when their blog grows noticeably. That’s why just having a page is not enough to make your blog a business that generates a certain income. But this is quite real if you sincerely love traveling, you know that you can share useful tips with the audience and you can show your influential voice. Plus, you need a stable marketing strategy that will help make the page more visible and stand out among thousands of others. 

In today’s post we’ll discover why comments are one of the keys to success and what ways are effective to increase them. You’ll also find information about the option to buy Instagram comments and make your page thrive faster. Read on!


Why is it important to have comments?


Gone are the days when subscribers were an indicator of the success and popularity of blog authors. Of course, this metric is still important and indicative, but not as it was a few years ago. Today, IG king is engagement, which includes several basic metrics. 


In simple words, based on this data, algorithms rank pages by popularity and demand. If the  engagement rate is high enough, then the page will be recommended. Therefore, there is a chance that people will be interested in your content. As a result, you’ll receive not only new subscribers, but also other user interactions : likes, saves, views, etc. 


But before engagement improves, you need to make some effort and demonstrate good statistics. In this regard, comments are excellent helpers. This metric is more “complex” than any other. Users spend their time and effort to write a comment, so they are one of the main indicators of your popularity on the network.


How to get more comments? 

  • Run a giveaway 


What do users like more than beautiful photos and inspiring videos? Gifts, of course! That’s why giveaways are one of the best ways to attract attention to your account and become more visible as an author in the travel community. 


There is an opinion that giveaways are a costly way to get comments. That is, you’ll need a lot of money and resources for it. But there is little truth in this – sometimes it is enough for users to offer something valuable, but inexpensive in exchange for simple actions. 


What could it be? As an example, you can make a prize like a thermos of your favorite brand, an inexpensive flashlight or a small box with useful things for traveling. Usually such gifts are cheap, but people love them.


The advantage of this method is that you specify the conditions for the giveaway yourself. This means that comments can be one of the main conditions, or an additional one if you want to get even more interactions. At the same time, you can indicate that there may be a lot of comments from one person if they want to increase the chances of winning. It works!

  • Use third-party service 


Another one hundred percent way to get more interactions is to buy incentives. In the modern world, advertising companies offer many different packages for your promotion, including comments. You can use them at any stage of promotion. Such boosts are especially effective and useful if you have just started your journey. In this case, you’ll immediately raise the rate of your page, and it won’t be as “empty” as before. 


Why is this method used? 


  • Cheapness

    . It’s even cheaper than contests. Usually the service costs about a few dollars, which is much more budget-friendly than most other methods. 


  • Interactions from real people

    . Most decent companies have abandoned mechanisms with bots and fakes, so today real people write comments. They aren’t similar to each other and look different, and also resonate with the subject of your posts. 


  • Speed.

    Unlike organic ways, you don’t have to wait. The first results appear in about a few minutes, and this is the fastest option. 


  • Guarantees

    . This option is the only one that can give you real guarantees. You can be sure that you’ll get as many comments as you need.

  • Use collab posts 


Finally, find a like-minded person with a high engagement rate and create collaborative posts with them. This will help you grow on the platform, but keep in mind that your stats should be no worse than his. Good luck!

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