22nd of December – A Rose Tinted Advent Calendar

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Well, only a couple more days until Christmas. We are just about ready here. We did our last food shopping yesterday, and the shops were absolutely packed. I made sure we got some sprouts though! Welcome to the Rose Tinted Advent here on the 22nd of December.

22nd of December

22nd of December

The Advent Bag

In the advent bag today is a girl and a dog that are ready to go to a party.

22nd of December - advent bag

We all love a party, right.

What is the Elf up to Today?

The elf is having a game of Elf snap with all her new toy friends. The Sindy’s are on her team. But I do still think that Monkey has an unfair advantage due to the length of his arms!

22nd of December - elf

Board Games at Christmas

Top Board Games For A Night In With Friends And Family

We love a board game here at a Rose Tinted World.

The top board game of the year was announced a couple of days ago. It is called Luxor, and players chase around the board searching the temples of Luxor, picking up treasures and trying to be the first to get to the pharaoh’s chamber. Sounds really good!

We are more likely to be playing games suitable for toddlers (Pop up Pirage and Elefun), but you cannot beat a board game on Christmas Day evening.

Our favourite boards games include:
    1. Ludo. It is so simple to play, but can get really competitive!

2. Monopoly – The classic game set in London is my favourite, but you can get so many other editions, including football, Eastenders, and even Game of Thrones. Which is your favourite?

3. Cluedo – again the classic game is the one that I would go for, but you can get Harry Potter and Sherlock editions

4. Trivial Pursuit  – again – so many editions of this game. This version has questions for children AND adults to make a more even playing field. Always a classic.

5. Rapidough  Guess what your team mate is building with your dough before the other teams do, or they can steal your dough!

6. Pie Face – If you haven’t seen this, where have you been? Score a point for every time you turn the handle. First to 25 wins, but don’t get a pie face!

7. Watch Ya Mouth – Can you tell what the other players are saying with the cheek retractors in?

8. Obama Llama – Who could resist a game with such a great name? Rhyming Charades.
What is your favourite board game? Here are some other brilliant family board games.

Like other toys? Find out why Lego is our favourite.

And see our review of theZuru Rainbocorns and Zimpli Kids Gelli Fantasy Worlds.

The Music of the Day

Today I have two offerings. Its getting closer to the big day, and still lots of music to choose from. Sleigh ride. Who sung it best? Ella or the Spice Girls?

Do answer in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Have a fabulous 22nd of December, and don’t shop too hard! See you tomorrow.

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