20th of December – A Rose Tinted Advent Calendar

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Just 5 more days to go – the 20th of December! Crazy how quickly this year has flown, and December in particular. I think that I am just about ready, how about you?

Welcome to the Rose Tinted Advent Calendar!

20th of December

20th of December

In the Advent Bag

20th of December - advent bag

In the Advent bag today is a cake decoration from the 70s. When we were little the Wombles were a hit childrens’ TV series, so we had this on the Christmas cake. I may add it to mine this year and see if anyone notices!

Where is the Elf?

Our elf has gone back in time with her Sindy pals. I don’t think she is quite so sure about her extra wide flares, but she is loving the wallpaper and all the wonderful shades of brown on display.

20th of December - elf

A Merry 70s Christmas

Being born in the 70s means that most of my Christmas memories come from that time. I look back with fond thoughts of a time when Christmas meant…

  • The Blue Peter Advent Crown – a glorious affair with real candles and tinsel. Health and Safety wouldn’t allow it these days
  • Some great Christmas Adverts – including this one for the sadly departed Woolworths. There was also lots of adverts for booze and fags. It was such a healthy time!

and this other gem!

Plus all these adverts for toys I wanted…but rarely got. I will always complain about never getting a Mr Frosty. Or a Cabbage Patch Doll…

Of course the 70s also had some rather questionable fashions. And a lot of brown. Maybe I’m happier in 2018!

The Music of the Day

In keeping with the 70s theme, the music of today is from Wizzard. “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday”

Hope that you have a fabulous 20th of December. See you tomorrow for more seasonal shenanigans!

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