15th of December – A Rose Tinted Advent Calendar

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Well, there aren’t many more shopping days to go. It’s the 15th of December and we have been forecast snow here in the UK. Will it happen? Who knows!? But I’ve bought bread and milk just in case.

15th of December

15th of December

The Advent Bag

Ironically, in the Advent bag today is a Happyland snowman. He’s a jolly happy soul. I won’t be if it snows, there too much to do!

15th of December - advent bag

Where is the Elf Today?

It seems the Elf has heard about the possible cold weather and has taken herself off for a sunny weekend with her Sindy friends. She never invited us!

15th of December - the elf

Going on Holiday for Christmas

I love being here in the UK over the holidays. Christmas for me is all about being with my friends and family.

However, some people love to get away from it all. And I can understand.

  • Not having to cook
  • Enjoying sunny weather
  • Not stressing about getting around all those relatives

Christmas can be a tough and stressful time. So why not leave it all behind?!

15th of December - tree


I have done it on several occasions. And a couple of times I was working on the cruise liners whilst it was  Christmas. It can be quite surreal sitting on a Caribbean beach on Christmas Day or seeing all the Christmas decorations in the blindingly hot sun. But it can also be a lot of fun.

15th of December - florida

And if it does snow heavily here in the UK for the next few days then maybe I would prefer to be in the Elf’s shoes!

The Music Of the Day

Whether you are sat in deep snow or in a lovely warm climate, I hope that you are having a Wonderful Christmastime. Here is Paul McCartney.

See you tomorrow for the 3rd Sunday in advent.

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3 Replies to “15th of December – A Rose Tinted Advent Calendar”

  1. Fiona Cambouropoulos says:

    We went away to Florida our first Christmas today 26 years ago. It was OK but I much prefer Christmas int he UK. We did say we’d take our one day kids to florida, but then we had 6 and couldn’t afford it! May be they will take their children one day. #Twinklytuesday

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      I must admit it was strange being away from home and family on Christmas Day. But I do love Florida too, and Disney is Magical at Christmas.

  2. Jo Boyne says:

    That is certainly the main perk. Christmas dinner tastes so much better when it is cooked by someone else!


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