10 Ways Arts and Crafts Can Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

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Have you ever tried any sorts of arts or crafting projects? I don’t mean those arts and crafts for kids when you were at Primary School… what about now, as an adult? You may not realise that arts and crafts have many more benefits than just a fun way to pass the time. In fact, they actually have a much more profound effect on our health and wellbeing than you might first think. So, to discover more about how beneficial arts and crafts can be, you came to the right place… Here are 10 ways arts and crafts can improve your health and wellbeing.

10 Ways Arts and Crafts Can Improve Your Health and Wellbeing


Our health and wellbeing can be improved by a number of activities and exercises, but did you know that arts and crafts is one of them? Discover how crafting can change your life, here…


Arts and crafts are accessible and enjoyable for almost anyone, not just elderly people looking for something new to take on. Whether you’ve experienced a delayed diagnosis and are now awaiting treatment, are looking for a hobby to take on outside of work, or just fancy a new challenge, it’s open to anyone!


Types of Arts and Crafts You Could Get Involved In


There are hundreds of different arts and crafts ideas you could try out; simply too many to name here. That said, there are some more recognisable options you could have a go at to get you started, including:


  • Knitting
  • Crocheting
  • Cross-stitching
  • Painting by numbers
  • Embroidery
  • Making a bath bomb
  • Small-scale mosaic tiling
  • Jewellery making
  • DIY face masks
  • Painting
  • Making keyrings
  • Upcycling your clothing
  • Wreath making


Any arts and crafts shop, or even somewhere online these days, will have all the equipment you need to get started with any crafting project. But, why should you purchase the arts and crafts supplies and try out some of these ideas in the first place?


Well, arts and crafts have the amazing ability to improve your life in many ways. To discover the 10 ways that getting crafty can boost your health and wellbeing, read on…


How Arts and Crafts Boost Your Health and Wellbeing


Now you’ve got some great ideas for arts and crafts for adults to get you started, you’re probably wondering why to bother. Well, there are plenty of reasons where that came from.

crochet pillow


1.   Can Improve Your Social Life


Arts and crafts have the indirect ability to improve your social life. There are, of course, plenty of arts and crafts to do at home, but why spend your time cooped up in the house enjoying the crafts, when you could share it with people?


A great idea to help you make new friends with people who have similar interests to you is to join an arts and crafts club. This could be a one-off class, where you learn the basic skills to set you off on the right foot when you get home. Or, you could take more regular class, where you can meet and greet the same people every week, and learn the ropes on the more complicated stuff.


2.   Engages Your Brain


That’s not to say that get crafty isn’t for people of all ages. These sorts of activities are the perfect way to keep your brain healthy and active. It’s not just crosswords, Sudokus, or brain training apps that do the trick here; trying out some more creative activities could also help you to maintain the more creative aspects of your brain.


3.   Encourages Creativity


Creativity might not be something that you use in your day-to-day life as your career might not call for it. That said, that doesn’t mean that you’re not a creative person.


Most people will find that, once they practice the arts more often, their creative abilities flourish. You are no different, and the creative outlet provided by arts and crafts is the perfect way to get that side of your brain active again. Who knows, awakening this side of you once more could help you to think about your work in a more creative way, once you get back in the office.


4.   Allows You to Express Yourself


Similarly, your day-to-day life might not necessarily call for you to express yourself all the time. Perhaps you don’t feel as though you fit in in your workplace, or maybe you have to wear a uniform which restricts your ability to experiment with fashion.


That said, creative activities are the perfect outlet for you to express your true colours. This could even be in a literal sense; if you want to use bright colours and designs to enhance your crafts, go for it! Ultimately, you have the freedom to really push the boat out, giving you the chance to discover your true self along the way.


5.   Boosts Your Confidence and Self Esteem


Due to this reboot of your sense of self, our next point seems like nothing new. In fact, some small studies even show that doing creative activities has a positive impact on the self-esteem of children.


This comes as no surprise, when you think about the elation you feel when you complete an arty project. Through that self-assertion that you experience after finishing a project well, you may become more self-assured along the way that you are truly capable.




6.   Physically Improves Health


Not only do arts and crafts impact your mental health, but they can also have some really amazing effects on yourself, physically. In fact, due to the relaxing nature of tasks like these, this could even help to lower your blood pressure, thus improving your cardiovascular health.


7.   Boosts Your Coordination and Fine Motor Skills


Especially to children and the elderly, some crafts are the perfect method for you to boost, or keep active, your motor skills. This is something that children acquire all throughout their lives but, as you get older, these skills deplete if they’re not practised. So, this provides a fun and different way to optimise your general life abilities.


8.   Makes Your More Empathetic


Creative projects, like arts and crafts, require a lot of skill and practice. You may end up failing along the way, and it can be difficult not to be hard on yourself. But, the key to empathy is beginning with yourself; once you can forgive your own mistakes, you can show this empathy towards others.


What’s more, especially if you’re creating your art for someone, or within a class, you may have to endure constructive feedback. By taking on board what people have to say about your work, again, you can learn to forgive your mistakes and, therefore, those of others. Clearly, these emotions can be brought into your everyday life too, helping you understand and forgive others more readily.


9.   Improves Your Quality of Life


Perhaps you have a chronic illness which affects your day-to-day life. Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with something terminal, and want a fun activity to while away some time. Or, perhaps you’re constantly troubled by a chronic pain of some sort.


Whatever it may be, arts and crafts are the perfect distraction for anything like this. Whether you’re in hospital, awaiting some sort of treatment, are in recovery, or are back home and needs some distractions, here’s the answer.


10.  Sense of Achievement


Finally, there’s no denying that amazing sense of achievement you feel when you create something, and it goes swimmingly. Whether you’ve made it as a gift for someone else, or even if you just want to keep it to admire it yourself, you’ve gone from start to finish of this project. Having the focus and determination to finish something like this can really lift you up, and make you want to succeed more.


10 Ways Arts and Crafts Can Improve Your Health and Wellbeing


Ready to Try Some Arts and Crafts?


It’s clear to see that arts and crafts are more than just a creative outlet, and a way to pass the time. What’s more, these activities aren’t just for the elderly or for kids. Whatever age you are, you can benefit from taking on an arty project like this.


What do you think about arts and crafts? Do you think you might start a project yourself now? Or, might you encourage someone you know to take on something like this to help them out?


Alternatively, have you found that doing some crafts yourself has improved your life in some way? Let me know, in the comments below, and perhaps we can give each other some inspiration and ideas for more crafty fun.


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3 Replies to “10 Ways Arts and Crafts Can Improve Your Health and Wellbeing”

  1. Michelle says:

    Crocheting definitely relaxes me. I love being creative and the boost of self confidence I have when I’ve made something from nothing.

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Yes, I think that number 10 is definitely my favourite reason. I love my finished results.

  2. cezar says:

    Great post. My granny, who passed a year ago was into knitting.
    They’re all great hobbies


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