10 Nice Ways To Welcome A New Born Baby Into Your Extended Family

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The arrival of a new baby is always an exciting event that brings joy to the whole extended family. As aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins, you’ll want to make the new parents and baby feel welcomed, supported, and loved. Here are ten thoughtful ways to embrace the newborn into your family:

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How To Welcome A New Born Baby

Mum and baby - Annie Baby monitorHow To Welcome New Born Baby

1. Send a Heartfelt “Welcome to the World” Card

A card is a simple but meaningful gesture how to welcome new born baby. It is the perfect way to congratulate the parents and acknowledge the new addition. Choose a cute design that complements your message. Share your best wishes for the baby’s health and happiness. If you’re unsure what to write on a new baby card, go with a short, sincere note like: “Welcome to the family, (Baby’s Name)! We’re so happy you’re finally here. Love (Your Names)”. Or, you can check out the Adobe Express website for a list of funny new baby messages. These are guaranteed to make the new parents laugh.

2. Give a Practical Baby Gift

Think about what the new parents truly need and buy a useful baby item like clothing, blankets, nappies, or bath products. Gift cards for stores like Next or Amazon are also appreciated. Include a sweet note with the gift card and let them know you’re always available for babysitting or other help should they need it.

3. Schedule a Visit to Meet the Newborn

Rather than just showing up unannounced, coordinate a family visit with the parents at a time that’s most convenient to them. Offer to bring a homemade meal, snack tray, or flowers to help make their day easier. Keep your first meeting short so mum can rest. Wash your hands before holding the baby and don’t kiss them until they are a bit older.

4. Send a Bouquet of Flowers or Balloons

Flowers brighten the home and mood, while balloons add festivity. Opt for a vibrant mixed bouquet or beautiful single stems like roses or lilies. Pink or blue balloons are classic for celebrating a new girl or boy. Time your delivery so the flowers are fresh when mum and baby come home from the hospital.

5. Make the Older Sibling Feel Special

Having a new baby brother or sister is a big adjustment for older children. If you are able to, it’s really nice to give the older child extra love and attention during this transition. Bring a little gift just for them when you meet the baby, like a colouring book, stuffed animal, or treat. Dedicate special one-on-one time to maintain your bond.

6. Offer to Babysit

Once they are settled at home, new parents will appreciate a few hours of “me time” away from the baby. Offer to babysit so they can relax over dinner, watch a movie, or run errands. Discuss expectations beforehand regarding bedtime, feeding, etc. Don’t be offended if they want to start you off slow with short outings at first. Sometimes, even just giving mum enough time to have a bath in peace will be the perfect gift.

7. Prepare or Purchase Meals for the Family

Whether home-cooked or delivered, easy meals are a huge help for sleep-deprived parents. Make a casserole, curry, or other freezer-friendly dishes they can reheat later. Gift cards for food delivery services also allow them to easily order in when needed. Be sure to find out any food allergies beforehand if you are cooking.

8. Help Around the House

From laundry to pet care to cleaning, new parents have their hands full. Offer to tackle chores like washing baby bottles, folding onesies, or vacuuming. You could also pick up groceries, walk the dog, water plants, or arrange to pick any older children up from school or clubs. Ask what would lighten their load rather than assuming they’re ok.

9. Celebrate with a Family Gathering

It might even be a nice idea to plan a small family party to toast the baby’s arrival. Keep the party low-key with light snacks and baby gifts. Let the mum decide if she’s up for hosting or would prefer an aunt or grandma to handle it. It can often be easier to have the gathering away from mum’s house so she doesn’t have to tidy up afterwards. Capture the moments with photos and create new traditions to welcome future babies.

10. Provide Listening and Encouragement

Being a new parent is hard work and new mothers are often filled with questions and doubts. Provide an empathetic ear when needed. Share wisdom from raising your own kids. Reassure frazzled nerves and say you believe in their parenting abilities. Remind them to trust their instincts and enjoy each moment, good or bad.

The birth of a baby lets extended family create meaningful new memories together. Follow the parents’ cues on when they’re ready for visits, gifts, and family gatherings. Offer help without being pushy or overbearing. However you celebrate and decide how to welcome new born baby, do so from the heart.

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